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8 Reasons You'll Love Anow

Online appraisal tracking

Business analytic reports

Integrated invoices

Client contact management

Payroll administration

Google & Outlook calendar sync

Scheduling and planning

Mobile friendly


Let us show you.

Let us walk you through Anow and show you how to improve your workflow, save time and manage your team faster and more easily than ever before.

Appraisal Institute Membership has benefits.

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Discount:  AI Professionals get 20% off of their Anow subscription for 12 months.

A voice at the table:  Through AI, get heard!  Submit your suggestions on features - or - what you want to see for appraiser technology through the AppraisaI Institute or by emailing

Access: Through the AI, get access to Anow closed beta programs - hands on to the cutting edge of appraiser technology.  Right now it's NEXUS for accelerating appraisal report creation by combining a mobile inspection platform with a mass collaboration engine for report assembly.

Technology: Anow and AI want to build COMMUNITY.  Let's work together to identify the technology that help appraisers to work with appraisers toward a better community.


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