In our latest release, we’ve upgraded the way you track your fees and commissions, big time.
So what’s new?We’re always listening to our customers feedback, and constantly improving Anow! The following updates are included in this week’s release:

  • The appraisal fee section has been greatly upgraded.  You can now save commission %’s in appraiser’s profiles to auto calculate an appraiser’s fee on each appraisal.  You can change these at anytime on an appraiser’s profile, or on a per appraisal basis.
  • You can break down appraisal fees on each appraisal to track things like base fees, mileage, disbursements, review fees, etc..  Each fee can be assigned to a different person in your company and you can modify the commission percentages at anytime.  You also have the option to have a fee that does not effect the total client appraisal fee, such as a reviewer fee (example below).
  • There’s a new section in Analytics called Payroll.  For every fee on an appraisal, you can now run a report to total up what that employee is owed for a certain time period. Each time you assign a fee to a person, this will get inputted into the Payroll section under their name.  You’ll see the amount owing and the amount you’ve paid them already.  And like all analytic reports, these can be exported to .CSV or printed to PDF!
  • You can now add a second office profile in your Company Profile.  This office can have a different name, and even a different logo.  On each appraisal you can designate what office this appraisal was out of.
Out with the old, in with the new.
Save details on each fee.  In this case, Dan is getting 50% commission of the $300 base fee, and 100% commission on $44 in mileage.
You can also save other things such as review fees, but set it to not bill the client.  This way the $50 review fee won’t get added onto the total invoice, but when you run a payroll report Sarah will have a $50 Review Fee.  You have total control!
The new Payroll section in Analytics will let you see what is owed to yourself, and to each of your staff (not just appraisers).
By clicking on a + next to a staff member, this is where you would mark a fee as paid.  You can also export this report into .CSV and PDF!
We know this is a change from what you’re used to, but it’s a big improvement on tracking your fees!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any help, training or have questions by using the live chat, calling us at 1-800-403-7121 or emailing

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