Appraisers Are Asking: Nexus FAQs

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Product Updates

Over the last few weeks we’ve been listening carefully to all of your feedback and answering so many great questions about Nexus, so first and foremost, a big “thank you” to everyone who shared their thoughts, suggestions and excitement with us.

The launch of our very own form filling solution has created a lot of buzz and gotten a lot of appraisers talking, so we want to answer some of the most frequently asked questions you’ve been asking.

1. Is there a list of commonly used answers for a specific field?

Yes! The Picklist tool provides you with the most popular and recently used responses for each field on the form. Responses will automatically be collected to your picklists once you start filling out forms in Nexus. Learn more about Picklists here.

2. Can I get Nexus if I don’t have (or need) Anow? I’m a one person show.

You will need Anow in order to use Nexus — they go hand-in-hand. You can sign up for a free trial and get access to everything (Anow, Nexus and all the add-ons), so you can see for yourself how it helps appraisal companies of all sizes — from independents to large firms.

3. How does pricing work? Is it per user?

Nexus is $30 per user, per month. Admins and Assistants are free for Nexus. All current Anow customers get complimentary access to Nexus for the first 3 months (started September 9, 2020).

4. I use a Galaxy tablet now, does this mean I would need to move to the Apple world?

Android functionality for Nexus is in the works! In the meantime you can switch to Apple, or use your browser (Safari or Chrome, for example) directly from your mobile device. 

5. Does the sketch have keyboard shortcuts?

Yes! We currently have the following, but others can be added as we go upon request.

    • Close Shape = “A”
    • Delete Shape/Label = “D”

6. Will there be an offline version of the mobile app to allow us to do work in a scenario where there is no access to the internet?

Yes. When you get connected to the internet your information will sync to the cloud.

7. Can you set it to automatically save comps to the CompVault?

At this time you must select which comps you want to save to the vault, but all it takes is one click to save it.

8. GPAR Forms?

We currently have the gPAR – Single Family (2010) form. Click here to see the full list of forms available at this time.

9. Can you draw the perimeter of the entire structure and go back and draw the garage after completing?

You can sketch any area of the property you’d like! If you save your sketch page and need to go back afterwards and make additions or edits, you can do that too. Just remember to click “Save” again on the sketch tab to update the Sketch page of your report.

10. Will Nexus allow me to un-dock my addendum and move it to another monitor?

Yes and it’s super easy! Just right click and open it in a new window, then pull that window to the other monitor. 

11. If you take the photos while in the room on mobile, does it automatically label them?

Yes! If you take photos using the mobile app and they are added when you’re in the right room or section of the mobile app, they will be labelled accordingly. For example, if I am in the Interior > Family Room of the mobile app and take a photo there, it automatically comes with a “Family Room” label.

12. Can I create and use templates in Nexus?

Coming Soon – This is a highly requested feature that is on the product roadmap for Nexus. Even though templating isn’t currently available, you can use the Nexus Clone feature to achieve a very similar result and reduce data entry while form filling. 

13. Is Nexus ENV compatible?

This is another popular request we’ve gotten and it’s on our product roadmap for Nexus as we continue building and improving. 

Contact our friendly support team via live chat, email ( or by phone (1-800-403-7121) if you have any questions about Anow!

The Future of Form-Filling Has Arrived

The wait is over! Nexus is now available.


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