A Highly Requested Addition to Nexus

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Product Updates

After many requests, we’re excited to announce that the Comps Import tool is now available! 

Import CSV files into the side-by-side comp viewer and comps pages of your report. Reduce data entry and save mappings for future use 🎉

It’s important to note that CSV files are the only file type currently accepted by the Comps Import tool, and the only required field is Address. If you do not have this as a column in your spreadsheet, please go add it to your CSV file before you begin.

Once you have your CSV file ready, you can begin by going to the Comps tab in Nexus and selecting the “Import Comparables” button. 

Upload your CSV file and you will see each individual column from your file displayed. The top header in bold font is the name of that particular column in your CSV file, and the data shown just below that is a sample from your uploaded spreadsheet.

Match each column from your file to one of the provided Nexus comp fields. The Nexus comp field you choose will be where you can find that information after you’ve completed your import. You can click Skip if you don’t see a field that matches your information.

Anow Pro Tip: Before clicking “Next” you can choose to save this mapping sequence for future use by selecting Save Mapping. If a mapping is saved, it can be applied to a comp import on a different report in Nexus.

Select the comps you want to import and submit your import request when you’re ready! Once imported, you’ll see the comp details on the side-by-side comp viewer, and the relevant comps pages of your report.

Click here to see the full details and instructions for importing comps into Nexus and how to create a CSV file.

The Future of Form-Filling Has Arrived

The wait is over! Nexus is now available.


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