Nexus 101: Our favorite features

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Product Updates

Nexus is launching in just a couple of weeks, and we want to give you a sneak peek into some of our favourite features that will transform the way you build reports, for the better.

#1 – Picklists

Picklists allow you to reference popular and recent responses for each field as you’re working on a new report. This speeds up the form-filling process for anyone working in Nexus. 

Picklists are organized into two different sections:

  1. Company Picklist – These picklists provide you with all the values for the field you currently have selected, that have been saved on other reports.
  2. My Picklist – These picklists are based off of the primary appraiser assigned to the file in Anow when the report was created. 

If you select a field on the form that was filled out on a previous report, the response from the previous report will appear in the picklist for you to easily apply to the current report.

Picklists reduce the amount of time you have to spend typing or searching for the responses you’re looking for. Simply click to apply any picklist items directly into your current report – it takes less than one second! 

#2 – Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your colleagues in the cloud, and report building will instantly become a team effort! Improve your company’s efficiency and quality control when it comes to form filling and report building processes. 

If you and another teammate are working on the same report at the same time, you’ll see any additions or changes they make in real-time! When they start to type on their device, you will see their name appear where they are typing on the form.

If anyone else has the same report open as you, you will see their initials (or photo avatar) at the top of the page.

How is this a game-changer?

  • Duplicate data entry is reduced! Instead of multiple people filling out the same fields on a report (because they don’t know someone else is already working on it), Nexus works across multiple desktops and updates in real-time so you always see the most up to date version of the form.
  • Divide and conquer the workload! If you see someone else on your team already has a report open in Nexus, send them a message to see if they have any relevant information they can add to the form to help speed up the process.
  • As an added bonus, training new staff is also much easier when you have tools that enable multiple users to work together simultaneously.

#3 – Smart UAD Rules

Say “goodbye” to errors and omissions! Nexus has a UAD Validation Helper tool that comes with real-time prompts to help reduce revisions.

Use the UAD Helper to identify any fields that require validation and still need to be filled out accordingly. UAD fields are flagged and are highlighted in a different color, so you can easily see which fields absolutely require attention before the report can be completed.

Ready for Nexus?

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