Nexus Companion: You’ll Never Want To Build An Appraisal Report Without It Again

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Product Updates

Wouldn’t it be nice to have constant access to important form filling tools without having to search for what you’re looking for or click around?

The Anow Development Team has made this dream a reality for appraisers 🙌 🌈

When you’re working on a report in Nexus, the new Companion panel is there with you the whole time to help fill form fields fast and check UAD requirements along the way. This tool is available on all Nexus forms – on the Title Page, Letter of Transmittal, Addendums, and the Report itself. 

Anytime you click a field on one of the pages mentioned above, the Companion panel will automatically update to show the feature options available for that particular field. Currently the Nexus Companion is home to the UAD Helper, Picklists, Data Source responses, and Field History.

  • The UAD Helper will appear in the panel on UAD forms to help you reduce errors as you work through each field. This will result in fewer revisions down the line, ultimately saving you time. 

Example: I’m working on a 1004 UAD, and the value I have entered for “Assessor’s Parcel #” field has passed UAD validation. Now I know I don’t have to worry about revisiting this later.

  • Access all Picklist responses for every field, from most recently used responses to custom items. Stop spending so much time typing in unique values on your reports. Instead, use Picklists to search, create, and apply responses in seconds. 

Example: I have the “Neighborhood Name” field selected and the Picklist section open. I can see the top 10, most recent, and any custom values for this field, then apply them instantly. I can also toggle between My Picklist and Company Picklist for more options. 

  • The Data Source section will display the different values for the selected field, and where each value comes from whether it’s Public Records, the Mobile Inspection App, or your Anow Office Workfile for this report. These values can then be applied to your current report in 2 seconds! Talk about faster form filling.

Example: With the “Owner of Public Record” field selected, I can see I have a value pulled from Anow Office (the workfile in Anow), and from Public Records. I can simply click either of the responses to update the form field.

  • If a field with an existing value is updated, the Field History will list the changed responses along with the date and time it was updated. 

Example: The “Legal Description” field has been changed a few times and I can see when all of the different values were applied in Field History.

Anow Pro Tips & Important Notes
  • Nexus Companion will stay open and consistent as you make your way through different fields and pages.

Example: If I have the “Owner of Public Record” field selected and the UAD Helper open in the Companion panel, then I select the “Tax Year” field, the UAD Helper will stay open in the panel until I choose a different feature such as Picklist or Data Source. 

  • Open and close the Companion panel by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner:
  • “Copy” Custom Picklist items and paste them into different areas of your report as needed:
Nexus Companion is designed to support appraisers in completing their reports accurately and efficiently, and it’s available to everyone with a Nexus trial or paid subscription. 

Have questions? 💬 Contact Anow Support via live chat, by email (, or by phone (1-800-403-7121).

The Future of Form-Filling Has Arrived

The wait is over! Nexus is now available.


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