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by | Oct 16, 2020 | Nexus Updates


Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

  • Mismo export capability added to 1004D Nexus report type.


  • None at this time.

JUNE 25 – AUGUST 20, 2021

Here is what we’ve released over the last few weeks:

  • None at this time.


  • None at this time.

JUNE 11, 2021

Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

  • None at this time.


  • Fix to improve input on Side-by-Side Comp viewer.
  • Images are now supported in CompVault.
  • User experience and colour updates to the Report Precheck/Reviewer tool.
  • General UAD Rule fixes and adjustments.
  • Rental comps are no longer causing UAD validation errors.
  • Supervisor signature fix for 1004C Form.
  • Fixed a minor text input lag that some users were experiencing.
  • General improvements to Calendar (dates) input.

MAY 28, 2021

Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:


MAY 14, 2021


iOS app version 2.2.6
  • Separated the photo uploads to run alongside other network tasks which should result in snappier performance.
  • Fixed a bug where failed photo uploads were not retried.
  • Fixed a bug where the inspection screen remained disabled after creating an inspection on the device.

iOS app version 2.2.7

  • Fixed an issue where appointments and due dates were not sent to the device Calendar app.
  • Fixed an issue with local sketches being prompted and replaced by a remote sketch incorrectly.

  • Fix to ensure that Comp basement sf and finished sf are properly accounted for even if there is no adjustment.
  • Improved side-by-side Comp viewer functionality.
  • Added ability to save a Comp that was previously saved to the Comp Vault.

    APRIL 30, 2021

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    • Rental and Sales Comps are now specifically labeled on the Map page.
    • Added “Title” option for 15 Images page type.
    • Improved room adjustments on side-by-side Comp viewer.
    • New error message displays when connection is lost with a server on non-report pages in Nexus.


    • Preventing errors with Addendums that have a lot of content (> 32000 characters).
    • Fixed an issue where Comps were not showing up on the 2nd and 3rd Comparables pages, even though they were listed in the side-by-side view.
    • Data import auto-calculation fixes for Subject and Comparable Data.
    • Removed depreciated XML data mappings that caused some AMC/Lender Portals to misinterpret “effective age” field.
    • Added XML safety check to ensure data integrity between hybrid and non-hybrid form types.
    • Fixes for Comp data integrity and imports through the Spark integration.
    • Added safety checks from iOS Inspection App sketch data transfer to ensure Nexus Report level sketch and GLA data consistency.
    • Accurate side-by-side view Comp data on all forms.  
    • Improved performance for non-report pages.

    APRIL 16, 2021

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    • Share and search signatures across your company:
      • You can now choose if you want to share your signature(s) with your teammates (they would still require the passcode to apply the signature to a report).
    • New Visual Template Editor:
      • When you click the Template icon in Nexus you now have the option to edit an existing template by individual field/value.
    • 📱 iOS Update – Appraisal & Inspection 2.2.5 has been released:
      • Fixed a crash when using search.
      • More improvements for performing Inspections while offline.
      • Support for multiple property owners, borrowers and addressees.


    • Images now copy over when adding Comps from your CompVault.
    • New UAD Rules to ensure that adjustments (even if they are 0) are specified if Comp data does not match Subject data.
    • Fix for errors coming up in Comps when they shouldn’t – This is now performing as expected.
    • XML export fixes and mapping clean up for multiple forms including Condo forms & 2000 form.
    • Added safety checks on Data Sources in XML export.
    • Subject site mapping fix in XML export.

    APRIL 1, 2021

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    • 🍏  iOS Update – Appraisal & Inspection 2.2.4 has been released:
      • Improved Inspection support under poor network conditions.
    • Newly added Addendums:
      • 216 – Operating Income Statement
      • UAD Definitions Page
      • USPAP Addendum (without the 2-3 section)
      • USPAP Field Review Addendum
    • Comparables Vault Map/Location View:
      • You can now use the “Vault” icon in the toolbar to search comps that have been saved to your Comp Vault by location.
    • Improved Signatures feature:
      • Add a name/label to your saved signature.
      • You can search for signatures if you have more than 5 saved.
    • Spark Comp location is now imported.


    • General Report Template fixes and improvements – This will perform as expected for users.
    • Report file safety for deleted files.
    • Fix for Spark Image Imports.
    • Fix for Spark Comp “Replace”.
    • Various XML file parsing and mapping fixes.
    • Increased Multi-Page Addendum content length limit to 35,000 characters.
    • Added a warning if characters exceed the limit on Multi-Page Addendums.
    • Minor fixes to UAD Validation rules, helpers and auto-calculated fields.

    MARCH 19, 2021

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    • New “Add Page” option – 1 Image Pages (with and without header) can now be added to Nexus reports.
    • Anow Spark integration is now selectively available in Beta.
    • Rental Comparables are now fully supported for select forms – Including rental comp auto-calculations.
    • Anow iOS Mobile App version 2.2.3 has been released 🍏
      • Improved reliability with photo uploads.
      • Fixed some layout issues with large collections of photos.
      • Fixed an issue causing delays when loading inspections.
      • Added visual cues for uploading photos.
      • Photos are now added to an Anow album for easier file management.


    • Significant speed improvements for:
      • Switching pages in Nexus.
      • PDF Generation.
    • General UAD Assistant helper fixes.
    • Minor fixes for UAD validation.
    • Various minor auto-calculation fixes.
    • Fix for FEMA data taking too long to load during report creation.
    • Fixes to Public Records data import mappings.
    • Ability to edit page titles in Nexus is performing as expected.
    • Net Adjustment (NET ADJ) icon is always visible on the side-by-side Comp viewer.
    • Report Template enhancements:
      • Fix to ensure we are ignoring invoice fields tied to dollar amounts during Clones or Template Data Updates.
      • Fix for Template Creation & Updating – Multi-page Addendums and extra report forms are properly saving.
      • Fix for reports created from a Template, specifically the Addendum content.
      • Template Apply functionality now adds all appropriate pages to the Nexus report based on that template – This includes Addendums and Forms.
    • All Maps now ask if you want to save to report before leaving the page.
    • Picklist items for Addendums will copy to clipboard instead of replacing the entire Addendum text area.

    MARCH 5, 2021

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    • The Nexus Companion Panel is now available in the side-by-side Comp viewer.
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for Companion Panel:
      • CTRL + U = UAD Assistant
      • CTRL + P = Picklists
      • CTRL + D = Data Source
      • CTRL + H = Field History
    • Added a new UAD Rule to check for “Date of Prior Sale/Transfer” and “Price of Prior Sale/Transfer” on at least one comp when prior sales for comps are indicated.
    • Rental Comparable Support is now available for 1025 and 1007 forms.
    • New, smaller default navigation for Nexus sidebar.
    • Added Report Delivery feature in export window – Please contact Anow Support if you want access to this feature.
    • Choose a valid Licensed User from Anow as the Report Supervisor – This will import all necessary data into Nexus including license expiry date, general license information, and files. 


    • Public Records Import is now pulling in the zoning information.
    • Fixed a bug that caused fields to occasionally blank themselves out after editing a report that had a template applied to it.
    • Improvements to UAD Assistant:
      • Applying a template will now cause the UAD errors to go away as they should.
      • The UAD Rule for “Design (Style)” field is working properly now – You can enter half or 3/4th floors without it generating an error.
      • The UAD Assistant for “Design (Style)” field has been updated/fixed so that it doesn’t have an extra Design page 1 field.
      • “HOA $” field is defaulting to 0 now on UAD forms.
      • Added report checkbox highlights when clicking on an error to give better clarity on location in the report.
      • Clicking UAD errors from Run Review will only slide to the UAD Assistant if the advanced assistant is available. Otherwise it will simply highlight the field on the report.
    • The Anow Data icon now shows up when you don’t have Public Records, but have Spark access.
    • Improvements to Comps section:
      • Implemented fixes for Comparables section crashing.
      • Fix for copying comps from CompVault – This should behave as expected.
      • UAD Assistant in Comps section no longer generates a blank page.
      • When removing a Comp, you must now confirm the deletion.
      • Save a copied or edited comp as a new comp.
    • The field input on the Companion Panel is no longer available – This will not impact functionality for users.
    • Signature bar no longer overlaps with the Companion Panel.
    • Fix for Report Template data – This should behave as expected.
    • Fix for zooming on Nexus pages – This should behave as expected.
    • Implemented an improved way to generate XML files.
    • Nexus PDF and XML report will be added to the report Workfile as the report is finished.
    • MISMO XML date and formatting UAD fixes – This should behave as expected.
    • Download PDF and Open PDF options are available in the PDF area but also in the report Workfile.


    FEBRUARY 19, 2021

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    • Introducing Nexus CompanionUser-friendly access to features that let you build your reports faster, including UAD Assistant, Picklists, Data Source and Field History.
    • Nexus Custom Picklist updates:
      • Search feature available for Custom Picklists.
      • Confirm delete on Custom Picklist items.
      • Copy Custom Picklist items.
      • Layout updates.
    • Added Multi-Page Addendums: No character limit on these Addendums vs. Single Page Addendums that have a limit.
    • You can now Copy pages in Nexus.
    • New status messages during report creation and loading.


    • Fixes for Sketch Labels not loading: Everything is behaving as it should.
    • Minor fix to the Comps toolbar: Import Comparables button is appearing as expected.
    • Updates to Nexus PDF pages: Workfile support and security improvements.
    • Signature fix for AIC Desktop report.
    • Anow Data button now includes Public Records and Spark.
    • UAD Helper is now called “UAD Assistant“: Functionality hasn’t changed, just the name of the feature.
    • The Run Review button will now open even if the Nexus Companion panel is collapsed.
    • Resolved an issue with being unable to add spaces to labels on image titles (Image Pages).


    FEBRUARY 5, 2021

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    • New Nexus form available for Canadian appraisers: AIC Drive-by Residential Appraisal.
    • New Nexus form available for American appraisers: 1025 – Small Income (2010).
    • Nexus Custom Picklist updates:
      • General improvements to adding new Custom Picklist items.
      • New option to add “titles” to each Custom Picklist item.
      • You can now use the Picklists feature on Addendum pages of reports.
    • Enhancements to Nexus Pages:
      • New menu for each page that allows users to:
        • Rename page.
        • Open page in a new window.
        • Remove page.


    • Text Area Overflow/Limit Support: If the maximum number of characters for a field is reached, a new popup will appear to “Create Addendum” or “Continue edit in a new window”.
    • Data Layers now supports unique value overrides, such as empty values.
    • UAD Helper rules are now available for “Quality of Construction” and “Condition” fields.
    • Support for larger Picklist items.
    • Minor fixes to the Canadian AIC Full – Full Residential Appraisal (2018) form.
    • PDF Export is faster.


    JANUARY 22, 2021

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    • Apply templates to new and existing Nexus reports  Previously templates could only be applied to Nexus reports when the order was initially created. Now templates can be applied to existing reports that have already been started.
    • Introducing Nexus Hotkeys  For Anow users that want to simplify the Nexus experience and take advantage of keyboard shortcuts.
    • Added two new forms for US appraisers:
      • 2000 – One-Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report (2005) 
      • Anow Residential – Single Family (2020)
    • Ability to Clone Comps in Nexus — Reduce manual data entry and speed up form filling. 


    • 📱 iOS Mobile App Enhancements:
      • General enhancements, including increased stability to Images.
      • Configuation for alternate room creation workflow.
      • Label is added to the sketch when adding a room through the iOS > Sketch tool.
      • Some minor messaging changes  These won’t be noticeable from a user POV.
    • Fix to Data Import from Anow Office (County details).
    • Fix to Signature function on AIC PIR (Canadian only) forms.
    • Fix to Sketch page  There was an issue with re-adding a Sketch page after it had been deleted. Everything is working as intended now.
    • UAD Helper is now available for Sale Type on “Sale or Financing” field in UAD reports.
    • Minor UAD error adjustments.
    • Detailed error validation for Property Condition Fields on UAD forms This should help users know what is wrong with the field, rather than getting a general error message if something is wrong.
    • Side-by-side Comparables View respects the order of comp details in that specific report type — Not available for all forms yet.
    • Text area size limits for report pages and addendums — For improved formatting and a better exporting experience. 


    JANUARY 8, 2021

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 4 weeks:

    • Image Gallery 📷  has been upgraded – It is now called “Workfiles” and is designed to handle all different file types.
      • Including PDF, XML, JPEG, and more.
    • Workfiles includes previews (for images and PDF’s), and ability to download the files – These are new features that weren’t there for what was previously known as the Image Gallery.
    • Added the AIC – Extraordinary Items Addendum as a standalone addendum form for Canadian 🇨🇦 reports only.
    • Added auto-calculations for the Cost/Income Analysis on 1004, 1073, 1075 and 2055 form types.


    • Mismo XML Data enhancement – Fix related to GSE Sale Types.
    • Minor UAD error refinement fixes.


    DECEMBER 11, 2020

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    • Added AIC Cost Approach Addendum – This form is available to be added onto AIC (Canadian) reports, and has auto-calculations.
    • Preview for images in Nexus You can now preview report images in “Work Files” (previously called “Image Gallery”).
    • Added a new public records Anow Data view modal and stand-alone page.
    • Added AVM data (estimated property values) to the public records modal & full page view.
    • iOS Release 2.2 🍏 📱
      – Add individual rooms and photos to your inspection directly from the mobile Sketch view.
      – Easier Sketch labelling experience.
      – 0.5x zoom support for the newest phones (wide angle lens).
      – Added opportunity for user to give a rating/review after completing an appraisal or inspection.


    • Improved speed of report creation and initial loading.
    • Fixed a bug where public records sometimes wouldn’t load or would hang on import.

    NOVEMBER 27, 2020

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    • Templates are now available for use in your Nexus reports
      • Save Templates (Data and/or Pages layout) from your report (Personal and Company Templates)
      • Create Reports from a saved Template
    • Import Public Records on American reports in Nexus – You can now import public records information to produce your reports faster.
      • Please Note: Searching for and importing public records data is only available on reports with a US subject address.
    • Added a new calculated field – Now whenever “Year Built” is updated, “Effective Age” gets auto-calculated.


    • The distance to subject property (“Proximity To Subject” field) for Comps is now calculating automatically.
    • Various minor UAD Rule fixes.
    • Minor auto-calculation fixes for Fannie Mae 1073 and 1075 reports.
    • Inspection Stability Updates (iOS)
    • Fixed underlying issues with the way that borders were being handled in Nexus forms.
    • Fixed all mis-alignment issues in web/print view for all forms and addendums.
    • Updated initial report creation to now check for the existence of a company logo before adding it to the report.
    • Added 10 more lines to the body of the Letter of Transmittal page.
    • The “Assessed” total amount in the AIC Full & AIC Desktop forms now auto-calculates based on the Land and Improvement values.
    • The “Property Type” & “Design/Style” fields on the comps page (page 2) of the AIC Full & AIC Desktop forms no longer clear each other out when data is entered.
    • Updated the “Analyses and Comments” field in the “Direct Comparison Approach” section on both the AIC Full & AIC Desktop forms so they now to point to the correct property.

    NOVEMBER 13, 2020

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    • Copy and paste images into Nexus reports using Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste) shortcuts.
    • Property Owner and Borrower data are now both loaded into Nexus from Anow Office on initial report creation.
    • More forms!


    • Anow Mobile Inspection App Updates (iOS Release 2.1.1)
      • 1004 UAD is now the default American form when you start an inspection on the mobile app. 
      • Fixed an issue affecting date pickers — Select and save dates are now working as expected.  
      • Fixed an issue with mobile Sketch — Sketches properly save when navigating away from the mobile Sketch tab. 
      • Resolved some layout rendering issues in the Inspection View on iOS app.
      • Fixed an issue with Image Notes saving and flowing over to Nexus Report. 
      • User generated Image Pages in Nexus will now update with appropriate mobile Inspection Images. 
    • UAD Helper rule fixes. 
    • Fixed line height issues with text areas on all form types.
    • XML Export errors now display specific messages within Nexus.
    • XML Export data parsing fixes and enhancements for 2.6 GSE forms (UAD).
    • XML Export formatting and embedded PDF fixes for 2.6 forms (non-UAD).

    OCTOBER 30, 2020

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    Features & Enhancements:
    • Improved CompVault search to only return exact matches for the address fields that are entered
    • PDF stability – PDF generation has been fixed so that it will no longer timeout if tried too many times
    • Disappearing PDF lines in Adobe Acrobat has been resolved – You will now see bolder lines on print view
    • AIC Market Rent Appraisal Report form type has been released for Canadian orders
    • Anow Mobile App Updates
      • Updated materials lists + enhanced “Other” option – There are more options when selecting your materials in the inspection, as well as an enhanced Other field where the user can type in their answer. Irrelevant icons were removed from this view.
      • Notification when overriding or saving a Sketch – Mobile Sketch now notifies you if it detects a sketch from the web, and asks if you want to override this sketch or not.
      • Hide geographically irrelevant forms – Canadians won’t see American forms anymore and vice versa.
      • Higher contrast selected state for icons
      • General Sketch syncing improvements – Sketch will come over to the web more reliably now.
      • Sketch buttons on mobile now match the icons on the web version – Undo, Redo, Center & Fit, Duplicate, etc.
      • New! Smarter labels in Sketch – The “Add Label” view is now aligned with the building layout. When adding a label, Sketch will now display a new view where you can add rooms to floors, and if you swipe on the room name you’ll be able to take a photo that will go directly into your Nexus interior photos section.
      • New! Ability to pick any form from mobile inspection – You will now be able to complete an inspection for any form type. This way you can pick something other than a 1004 on the app and you’ll see the respective form loaded up on the web.
    • Mismo export UAD warning modal & appraiser signature check before export – If you attempt a Mismo export from Nexus, a window will appear warning you of any existing errors and let you know whether or not the appraiser has signed the report.


    • Fix to avoid overwriting address fields when applying a data layer (Anow Office, Mobile Application, Clone A Report)
    • UAD Error refinement/fixes
    • Inspection stability fixes
    • Miscellaneous UAD XML fixes
    • 1004C XML export updates
    • 2055 UAD XML compliance updates
    • Report template fixes to 1004, 1073, 1075 and AIC forms


    • You will be able to manage your Nexus billing soon!
    • Separation of borrower and property owner in Anow Office for more accurate information in your Nexus report.


    OCTOBER 16, 2020

    Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    Features & Enhancements:
    • CompAssist – our NEW comparable auto-adjustment calculator! 
    • Comps MLS import – you can now save time by importing your MLS comps straight into Nexus! You may import your .csv file and import up to 50 comparables into your individual Nexus report. 
      • Save your mappings from your file to our Nexus fields so you dont have to do the work again for new reports
      • Pick and choose which comps you want imported
      • Ability to import comps to your CompVault  –> give us a call and we will do this for you 🙂
    • Add and delete all pages from your report
    • XML export improvements
      • 1004 UAD XML Compliance
      • Market Addendum XML Compliance
      • 1073 UAD XML Compliance
      • 1075 UAD XML Compliance
      • New export warning modal to show if you have existing errors on the report
    • PDF export improvements
      • You may now export 1 single page
      • Export speed was increased to be faster than before
    • You can now calculate area from the Dimensions field (x times y)
    • FEMA data populates in the form when the report is created
    • Cleaned up the look of our photos pages 


    • Updated all GLA mappings on the backend and fixed associated issues
    • The signature image now displays on all addendums during PDF export
    • Image gallery uploader no longer infinitely loads and doesn’t require a refresh to view the latest uploaded image
    • Fixed an issue with PDFs not always being attached to XML export
    • Removed decimals in calculated values for comparables total
    • Fixed the Sales Price/GLA calculation that was not working properly
    • Calculated fields no longer clear initial data during report creation
    • Fixed a bug where clicking the “Edit Map” button in the top toolbar was not working and would throw an error hiding all page content
    • Fixed a bug where the map bubble property images were not being saved with the map
    • Firefox fix to allow Flood Map Legend SVGs to be saved
    • Various UAD Validation fixes


    • An iOS mobile app update is in the works!
    • Separation of borrower and property owner in Anow Office for more accurate information in your Nexus report
    • Cloning fixes


    OCTOBER 2, 2020

    It’s been less than a month since the initial launch of Nexus, and we’ve been busy releasing updates based on valuable feedback from you. Here is what we’ve released over the last 2 weeks:

    Features & Enhancements:
    • Mobile app sync to Nexus – Now almost all of the data captured in the Anow iOS inspection will sync over to your 1004 Nexus report. Data that we are aware of that still needs to be synced:
      • Financial Assistance Amount
      • Contract Data Sources
      • Occupancy
      • Inspection Notes
    • GLA – Fixed calculations on GLA area. GLA will now properly update:
      • In your Sketch section in the GLA panel
      • On your Sketch printed page in the table below the sketch
      • In your 1004 and 1073 forms
    • Display only forms available for your country – Forms type are now country specific, based on subject address. You will no longer see irrelevant forms.
    • PDF Export – Lots of updates to the experience:
      • File size has been drastically reduced so that you can send and submit effortlessly
      • File generation is over 50% faster
      • You can now select all/none when picking your pages to export
      • Export your PDF and now see details on who exported the latest PDF, and at what time
    • FEMA flood map page is now included on American Reports by default
    • Data Layers technology was overhauled to be more stable
    • Server stability – Nexus reports will no longer crash or fail to open

    • Multiple lender/borrower bug – Fixed a crash that happened when creating reports from an order with multiple lenders or borrowers (you’d just get the spinner)
    • Fixed a bug where users could not not interact with photo page Remove/Change buttons
    • Fixed PDF For Text wrapping issues occurring in PDF generation
    • Fixed maps bug where after dragging the subject marker somewhere else on one map page would result in all new map pages displaying the subject marker off-screen.
    • Fixed a bug where adding a new map page from a non-map page would navigate the user there but not load any content.
    • Added better error handling in the flood map for the scenario where the FEMA map overlay service fails.
    • Removed the gray background on text area form fields in PDF view


    • Add/delete all pages from your report
    • XML export improvements
    • Comp auto-adjustment calculators
    • Comps MLS import – the ability to import your MLS comp file into Nexus! You may import your .csv file and import up to 50 comparables into your individual Nexus report.
      • Save your mappings from your file to our Nexus fields so you dont have to do the work again for new reports
      • Pick and choose which comps you want imported
      • On the roadmap: ability to import comps to your CompVault 

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