We’ve noticed alot of our customers don’t have online order forms on their website. We’ve also noticed some of our customers don’t even have a website!

Whatever the case may be – we are here to make sure you aren’t losing out on any business. Click here to test out our sample order form. (This is an example of what your order form link will look like). When you sign-up for Anow, you will get your own custom link to send to your clients. When they submit an order, you will both receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details of the order. The order will also now be viewable in your Anow account, to add to your list like normal. It’s that easy!

Web Orders

Your new web order appears on your dashboard. Clicking ‘create’ will lead you to the New Appraisal page – where all the info submitted will be auto-filled into the form.


Click to view e-mail screenshot full-sized

Click to view e-mail full-size

You can also embed your order form right into your website. Just go into your Account Settings > Widgets, and copy and paste the embed code into your website. Watch the video below for a detailed step-by-step explanation!