Keep in mind your Anow account is a fully functional account, and not just a demo account. When your trial is up and you start paying, all of your data and information will still be here! Start using anow today, the best appraisal software (in our opinion of course).

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Our milestones help start you out – when you complete all 6 of the milestones (two can be skipped if you want) you’ll gain access to the Analytics – where you can start tracking your business! Thanks for reading.


Identify trends in your revenue, volumes and customer base

See comparisons over time of how many appraisals you’ve done, and who ordered them. Then you can compare that information against how much you’ve billed and collected. You’ll be able to quickly identify trends – like whether you are receiving fewer orders than last month from your local AMC or lender. This helps you decide when to ramp up marketing and business development efforts, or adjust your pricing to stay competitive. You’ll also be able to identify customers that are most important to your business – or those that represent your untapped potential. Start using anow today and reap the benefits.