The Nexus Difference

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Product Updates

What makes Nexus different from other form filling solutions? What advantage does Nexus give appraisers?

Keep on reading to find out what makes Nexus special 😃

Multi-User Collaboration

When possible, form filling should be a team effort, but many existing softwares don’t provide the tools you need to seamlessly and efficiently collaborate with others. Nexus not only enables but also encourages appraisers to work together to get forms filled faster. Why spend valuable time searching for information that someone else might easily have access to? Instead, use Nexus to work with however many colleagues are necessary to get the form filled in an efficient manner. 

Beautifully Designed Smart Technology

Form filling software hasn’t really changed much since the iPod was originally launched, and your clients might still need similar reports, but you need faster ways to build them so you can reduce your turn time and make more money. Here at Anow, we make an effort to deliver functional, reliable software that is also modern and pleasing to the eye, and Nexus is certainly no exception. 

The CompVault

This feature is exclusive to Nexus and allows you to save time by importing pre-filled comparable data into new reports. The CompVault also allows you to easily share your comparables with teammates and notifies you if you’ve used a sale before, so you can reduce data entry and use the pre-filled comp details. Another great thing about CompVault is that it’s an easy, safe and secure way to store your comp details online.

Data Protection Guarantee

You own your data. It’s plain and simple! Unlike others, Anow will never take or sell your order information. The End User License Agreement clearly defines that you own your data. 

Work Anywhere

Instead of waiting until you’ve left the property inspection to start on your appraisal report, why not begin that process while you’re still on-location? Build Nexus reports directly from the Anow mobile app and they will update to the web – where any team members can check in, add notes, and upload files. And don’t worry, if you don’t have an internet connection, all of the information you enter on the mobile app will be saved and synced as soon as you re-establish a connection. 

Cloud-Based Teamwork

Your Nexus reports are built in a Cloud location which enables a number of collaborative opportunities to improve your appraisal company’s efficiency, quality control, and training processes. Anyone with access to Nexus can watch or jump in and help (in real-time!) as your report is built, data is entered, and photos are uploaded, from multiple locations. 

The Future of Form-Filling Has Arrived

The wait is over! Nexus is now available.


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