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building solutions for appraisers

Marty Haldane is the founder of Appraisers Now Ltd.

As a 3rd generation Appraiser who spent over 10 years with the family Appraisal firm, Marty was frustrated by the slow adoption of cloud based services and mobile apps specific to the appraisal market. His frustration, combined with the fascination for technology, resulted in ANOW.

Marty knows that Appraisers need dedicated tools unique to our industry as much as Lawyers or other business professionals need software solutions specific to theirs.

He believes firmly that the Appraisal & Real Estate ecosystem will go through a massive technological change in the next few years and Appraisers need the tools, ecosystem, and courage to participate in that change.

Marty and his team plan to lead that technology charge.

The ANOW office management, marketing and sales team are focused on connecting with our customers one at at time.

From free trials, demos and training to unlimited chat, email and phone support our team is focused on working with you.

Our Development team is the engine of ANOW. They are so focused on our product and the customer experience we could not even get them all together for the company photo (mobile team was MIA).

They are our product factory cranking out new products and great updates every month,but continue to be obsessed with customer experience. We rotate our Development team to the front lines regularly, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself corresponding with one of our big brains, they really want to learn from your usage of ANOW.

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