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All your appraisal details, documents and contacts in one place.

Anow Mobile

Anow Mobile Is here for iOS and Android! Search the Apple store OR Google Play for Anow Mobile and download our free app. 

Appraisal Details, Tasks, Calendar, Map, Contacts, Notes, and even Documents — now at your fingertips. Even work offline and save your bandwidth for when you are near WiFi. (iOS only)


Home Page

Your day's critical information, summarized for you on the home page. Today's appointments, tasks that are due, new appraisals and even your personalized dashboard so you can plan your day.

Connect from anywhere.
See your day at a glance.

Appraisal Details

Each appraisal is identical to the appraisal file back at the office. The integrated map view provides a visual reference and a quick tap on the "Directions" button launches your default map application. Address, appraisal requirements, appointment date and all the property details are just a tap away. 


Tasks, Notes & Files

Quickly tab over to the Tasks (unique to each appraisal job) and update the office on the fly. Notes are an easy way to collaborate with your team on each file. And no need to print and haul around the file folders full of appraisal documents like PDF's, Order Requirements, or Comparables. If they are loaded at the office, you have them with you in the field.

Integrated iOS Functions

Work Offline

As a native iPhone/iPad app, ANOW Mobile is designed to work "offline". Work with and update files when out of network range. Working out in the country, sitting in a parking garage or on a plane? Trying not to blow your data limit for the month? Work offline and sync when you get WiFi access.    


Maps and Phone

Get directions to your next appraisal appointment! A quick tap on the "Directions" button launches your default map application and guides you to the next appointment. All the associated contacts for the next appraisal job are a finger tap away. Integrated contacts and touch-to-call is great time saver.

See and call your next appointment on the fly.

Integrated Calendar

Today, tomorrow, next week... Scroll your calendar of appraisal jobs and tasks, all color coded the same as the office. One click entry direct to the Appraisal Details. Easily switch between day, week or month views. Any changes you make on your phone or changes received by the office are synced through the cloud, so no more being out of date by lunch. 


Our Mobile app is here.


Apple Siri Talk to Text

No need to peck away at the keyboard and scribble notes to transcribe later. Save time while capturing accurate property details. Just tap the microphone and use Siri. 



FOR YOUR IPHONE, IPAD & android device

Anow for Android

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Anow for Android

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Anow for Android