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Build better reports, faster, anywhere – with a collaborative appraisal form filler that lives in the Cloud.


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Form filling hasn’t changed for a long time. You live in a new and exciting digital world, with mobile apps, interactive databases, and internet on the road. But you still build each report manually – which takes hours out of each day and limits the number of appraisals you can complete. So how about we upgrade your form filling experience?

It’s time to do more, with Anow Nexus – a cloud-based form-filler that includes tools to collaborate, streamline, and automate your report building.


Commercial Appraisers

Deliver more appraisals, streamline your workflow, and collaborate in the field.

Residential Appraisers

Complete more orders, work anywhere, and free yourself from painful admin tasks.

Write better reports with Smart UAD Rules

Spot your mistakes in an instant.

Nexus can identify your errors in real-time – so you can correct them, reduce report revisions, and save time.

Get Nexus UAD tools when you write these forms:

  • 1004 – Single Family Residential (2010) UAD

  • 1004 Desktop – Single Family Residential (2020) UAD

  • 1004 Hybrid – Single Family Residential Hybrid (2020) UAD

  • 1073 – Condominium (2010) UAD

  • 1075 – Exterior-Only Condo (2009) UAD

  • 2055 – Exterior-Only (2009) UAD

Nexus helps you to write more accurate reports.

Build forms together, anywhere, in real-time

Collaborate and fill Nexus forms remotely with your team.

Use any web browser, watch your colleagues type in real-time, and get notifications whenever someone joins your document.

Switch to Nexus without losing a cent

We won’t just migrate your data.

If you’re stuck in a report writer software contract with another company
then we can give you an equivalent credit towards Nexus. Just ask us about it!

Switching to Nexus couldn’t be any easier.

Fill your forms faster – with Automatic Picklists

Don’t type the same thing twice.

Nexus generates lists of common and recently used responses that you can add with a single click.

Share your responses – with Company Picklists

Nexus offers the fastest way to build forms.

Manage your comparables with CompVault

Share and manage your comps with CompVault.

Save comp data into Nexus to make accurate and up-to-date property comparisons more easily than ever.

CompVault can store photos, maps, and over 25 unique fields for each comp.

Nexus and CompVault make it easy to manage your comparables.

Calculate floor plans with a quick sketch

Draw and calculate your floorplans in seconds.
Use ‘Sketch’ in Nexus to plot out each room and instantly discover its area and perimeter.

Start with any room and simply click each corner to draw a floorplan, then name it. Mark it as a ‘living area’ and it will be added to your total Gross Living Area calculation. Save your sketch to add it to your report.

Sketch floor plans on Mobile devices

You can also sketch floorplans on Anow Mobile for iOS devices.

Sketch on Anow Mobile includes a mobile-friendly interface that enables you to draw walls by hand, or type their length with a number pad instead.

Nexus makes it easy to calculate floor plans on any device.

Everything you need to appraise!
Spark + Nexus = better together.

Only $65/month!

What is Spark?

Spark saves you up to 60 minutes per report by filling out your grid, entire prior transfer history, 1004MC, charts, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Our current customers get 3 free months. After that, it is $30/month (per user). Learn more about pricing here.

How does it compare to other form-fillers?

Being multi-user collaborative and cloud-based allows you seamless transition within an appraisal. With the Mobile Inspection App, you’ll experience simply mind-blowing ease of use and speed. You can finish the report anywhere.

Who is Nexus For?

Nexus was developed for all commercial and residential appraisers and valuers who are doing form-filling or narrative long-form reports. Nexus comes with all the form types you have come to expect and as well as custom form types. We have designed it as an all-in-one solution to other software, ultimately requiring less work

What types of reports can Nexus do?

Nexus offers dozens of form like 1004, 1004 UAD and a lot more. Upon request, we will make additional forms available on request.

What sketching software does it use?

We use patented technology that is very familiar and easy-to-use, with a plethora of training videos available if you need them!

What’s different about Nexus?
  • Anow Mobile & Anow Inspect – simply mind-blowing ease of use and speed. Finish the report anywhere.
  • Multi-User – No more “single log-in-send-files” run-around.
  • Task Management – Task management is a core part of Anow.
  • Comparables management – Share comparables across your company.
  • Our end user license agreement – YOU own your data (says so in the EULA).
Who are you integrated with?

SPARK and Public records

Can I get Nexus by itself?

No. At the moment, you will need Anow (Anow is an integrated office management software thousands of appraisers trust) in order to use Nexus. Sign up for a free trial and get access to everything, so you can see for yourself how it helps appraisal companies of all sizes – from independents to large firms.

We have it in our roadmap to make Nexus a stand-alone product. 

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