Anow Nexus:
The Future Of Appraisal Reports Is Here!

An effortless form filling experience for modern property appraisers. Build better reports, faster, anywhere – with a collaborative appraisal form filler that lives in the Cloud.

What is Nexus?

Form filling software hasn’t changed much since the iPod was launched.

Your clients might still need similar reports, but you need faster ways for your appraisers to build them – so they can reduce their turn time and make more money.

Nexus is a form filler designed for property appraisers to complete appraisal orders faster and more efficiently.

Anow Nexus frees your appraisers to complete more orders
  • Get a form filler that matches your workflow
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the Cloud
  • Build forms in real team from multiple devices
  • Sketch floorplans and automatically calculate the square footage
  • Update and add files to reports from your smartphone
  • Stop sending files back-and-forth
  • Pull orders straight from emails and sync them with your calendar
  • Get a compensation credit towards Nexus for your existing form filler contract

Introduction to Nexus

Collaborate with your team in the Cloud

Do you want your report building to become a team effort?

Your Nexus reports are built in a Cloud location – which enables a range of collaborative opportunities to improve your appraisal company’s efficiency, quality control, and training.

Anyone with access to Nexus can watch or assist as your report is built, data is added, and photos are uploaded in real-time, from multiple locations.

Collaborate in the Cloud with Nexus:
  • Two appraisers can work on the same order to complete it more quickly
  • Office staff can ask for extra details, or more photo angles
  • Data entry tasks can be performed by someone in the office
  • Trainees can watch and learn as a report’s built in front of them

Draw building sketches with ease on any device.

Could a faster way to calculate property square footage help you save time?

Just draw a property floorplan with the handy Sketch feature in Nexus and your property square footage is calculated automatically.

Easily add labels to your sketch in Nexus

There are over 25 labels available for you to choose from, or you can add your own custom label if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Any custom labels you add will be saved to this list for future use on other report sketches. Your custom label will also appear at the top of the list for easy access.

Sketch for Mobile

Mobile Sketch is available on the Anow Mobile app. There are two ways to use the sketch feature:

  • Use your finger on the touch screen to draw freehand as you wish.
  • Use the numbers and arrows to draw the area for you.

UAD Assistant tool with real-time prompts

Are you ready for smart technology that helps reduce revisions?

Nexus has a Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) Assistant tool that comes with real-time prompts to help reduce revisions!

Available on NUMEROUS forms

Let us illustrate with the popular 1004 URAR form. Upon opening a page within the “1004 URAR” section (Subject Info or Sales Comparison, for example), there will be a number of cells marked in green on the form.


  • When a cell is green, it means that is a UAD field and still requires validation.
  • Once a UAD field has been successfully validated, it will turn blue like the rest of the cells.

Exclusive to Nexus: The CompVault

Used a sale before? CompVault saves you time by pre-filling the data.

CompVault also allows you to share comp details with colleagues. And don’t worry, it’s safe and securely stored.

How to Save comparables to the compvault
  • Enter a comparable and simply click the Save to Vault button.
  • Your saved comparable will show there is a match in the vault if you or your team enters this address in the future.

Automatically generated picklists

Are you ready to see how Anow’s Picklists feature can help you significantly speed up the form filling process?

Nexus gathers the most common and recently used responses for each field, and adds them to the Picklist for you to reference on future forms.

Using Picklists: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Previously filled out fields will automatically be pulled into a picklist for you! You can then filter by the Top 10 and Most Recent Responses, or create your own custom picklist.

Switch to Nexus without losing a cent

We won’t just migrate your data.

If you’re stuck in a report writer software contract with another company
then we can give you an equivalent credit towards Nexus. Just ask us about it!

Switching to Nexus couldn’t be any easier.

Nexus gives you all the essentials, and much more!

Build your report from anywhere

Just log into Nexus from any internet browser and you can start to build a new report, add photos, and upload any relevant files.


All the Forms you've come to expect

International & custom forms along with everything you need and more. Change the form type for an existing report and any information will be mapped to the new form type.

Automated Maps & Unlimited Flood Maps

Generate Aerial, Location & Flood maps for each Nexus report and see where comps are located in relation to the subject property. Download to your PC and Mac (coming soon).

Update reports from your smartphone

Reports built with Nexus appear in the Anow mobile app – where any team members can check in, add notes, and upload files.


Automated backups of all your data
Nexus takes daily, automated backups to ensure your work is safe. Never worry about losing a minute of your hard work!


Instead of spending valuable time manually filling out every field on every form, create and save custom templates in Nexus to simplify the process and reduce data entry.

Comparables migration

*Coming soon!
We will offer you the ability to import your existing reports into Anow from any platform. Will be right there to help you out.

Use Custom Monitor Settings

*Coming soon!
Nexus works across multiple monitors and custom view settings, including portrait mode – so you can build your perfect setup.

Data Protection Guarantee.

You own your data.

Unlike others, Anow will never take or sell your order details, because the End User License Agreement clearly defines that you own your data.

Everything you need to appraise!
Spark + Nexus = better together.

Only $65/month!

What is Spark?

Spark saves you up to 60 minutes per report by filling out your grid, entire prior transfer history, 1004MC, charts, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Our current customers get 3 free months. After that, it is $30/month (per user). Learn more about pricing here.

How does it compare to other form-fillers?

Being multi-user collaborative and cloud-based allows you seamless transition within an appraisal. With the Mobile Inspection App, you’ll experience simply mind-blowing ease of use and speed. You can finish the report anywhere.

Who is Nexus For?

Nexus was developed for all commercial and residential appraisers and valuers who are doing form-filling or narrative long-form reports. Nexus comes with all the form types you have come to expect and as well as custom form types. We have designed it as an all-in-one solution to other software, ultimately requiring less work

What types of reports can Nexus do?

Nexus offers dozens of form like 1004, 1004 UAD and a lot more. Upon request, we will make additional forms available on request.

What sketching software does it use?

We use patented technology that is very familiar and easy-to-use, with a plethora of training videos available if you need them!

What’s different about Nexus?
  • Anow Mobile & Anow Inspect – simply mind-blowing ease of use and speed. Finish the report anywhere.
  • Multi-User – No more “single log-in-send-files” run-around.
  • Task Management – Task management is a core part of Anow.
  • Comparables management – Share comparables across your company.
  • Our end user license agreement – YOU own your data (says so in the EULA).
Who are you integrated with?

SPARK and Public records

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