Anow helps thousands of appraisers save money

“Honestly we’ve just never looked back with Anow, it’s never been a decision where we regretted paying the extra money to get organized, to get all on the same page, and to become more efficient.”


Colby Dunagan Appraisals

“The one element with Anow that I think oftentimes people who aren’t users of Anow don’t fully appreciate is the workfile management and the capability of having everything in one place, on the cloud, that I can access anywhere, from a mobile device, my desktop computer, anything.”


Accurity, NAA President

“One of the features I really love with Anow is how I can customize my workflow and just name each task that needs to be done and it’s one or two clicks. Anow really gives me the ability to be on the same level as some of these larger firms.”


GR Accurate Appraisals, Inc