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Introducing The Future of Appraisal Report Writing!

Picture this: Your appraisal business, but better. Faster. More efficient. That’s what Reports Now offers you. Affordable and collaborative form filling in the Cloud.


Anow was built for YOUR appraisal company

Anow offers powerful tools to help you automate tedious tasks, collaborate in the field, complete more orders, and get a clear picture of your appraisal company’s performance.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a commercial or residential appraiser, solo or have a team – Anow is built for you.

Take control of your appraisal company and shift your focus to business growth.
Residential Appraisers
Complete more orders, work anywhere, and free yourself from painful admin tasks.
Commercial Appraisers

Deliver more appraisals, streamline your workflow, and collaborate in the field.

Lenders and Appraisal Admins

Manage every order from one beautiful, powerful dashboard. Save time with automated processes.


Scale your business, manage multiple offices, and match your top clients with star appraisers.

Join thousands of ambitious appraisers across the planet








Discover how Anow can help your business

Anow packs powerful tools that can help you manage orders and provide outstanding customer service into one beautiful dashboard. And that’s just the start.

Master your business
Track every order and map it out for a birds-eye view of your pipeline.
Make Smarter Decisions
Transform your appraisal data into financial analytics and custom reports.
Save time each day
Create custom workflows and automate tasks like fee calculations.
Make teamwork easy
Replace emails with messages in Anow that are linked to every order.

Real Customers. Real Stories.

Customize & stay organized


“The features I like the best as administrator is the ability to customize to our company’s most frequent appraisal request. i.e. report, loan and property types”

“Task management is absolutely wonderful. The notification system cuts out the need to retype emails and messages.”

Liz M.

Office Manager, BayOne Appraisal Services

See that larger picture


This is a fantastic software to track all of our daily appraisals, our currently paid and outstanding invoices and to see that larger picture of each of the details of our business over the past week, month and year.

Scott H.

Appraiser, 13th Street Appraisals

Save time & cut down on data entry


The service is great. It really helps keep our office organized and assignments on track for completion and delivery to our clients.”

“The service saves us a tremendous amount of time and cuts down on the amount of data entry work necessary for each assignment. In addition, our appraisers have mobile access to their schedules and work files with the mobile app. All around great service.

Andrew S.

Certified Residential Appraiser, Appraisal Pros, Inc.

Upgrade your entire appraisal experience

Anow delivers exciting features that can streamline processes, enhance performance, and make financial data useful throughout your appraisal company.

Track your growth, get financial insights, and automate fee calculations.
Manage and complete order reviews in a simple, flexible interface.
Build a high-performance appraisal team in every office.
Showcase your appraisal brand at key customer touchpoints.


Mercury Network
Google Calendar

Equip your team with revolutionary tools

Get extra features that can help you to deliver better appraisals, automate great customer service, save time, and build a high performance team culture.

Anow Mobile

Work anywhere with your entire appraisal company in one smartphone app.


Email every order straight from your inbox to your Anow dashboard.

Anow Connect

Give your clients a portal to place orders and get automatic updates.


Arm your appraisal company with tools to scale and achieve more in their business.


User-friendly homeowner inspection tool for when you can’t get inside.

Success stories from real customers

“This gives our admins what they need to answer questions when the clients call… MailNow, Connect, there’s a lot of just basic systems inside Anow that allows someone in my office to communicate with me in the field, at the same time communicating with our client, all with just the click of one button.”
Creighton Cross

Accurity Braun & Associartes

“MailNow is like having a virtual assistant for the price of one Big Mac combo.”
Dave Starr

North Starr Appraisals

“As soon as I got my first order through Anow Connect, I realized it was a game changer. My clients love the experience, and it couldn’t make life any easier for me. This is a really unique aspect of Anow – nobody else has a feature like this.”
Mark Skapinetz

What's It Worth Appraisals

Our Cloud Based Form Filler

Reports Now is a collaborative report writer that lives in the Cloud and
enables you to build better reports, faster, anywhere.

Real-Time Collaboration

Work on reports simultaneously with your team, streamlining your process and saving time.

Sketch each floorplan

Use ApexSketch to draw a property floor plan, and the property square footage will calculate automatically.

Month-to-Month Billing

No hidden fees or expensive add-ons. just an affordable pricing structure that suits your needs.

Smart UAD Assistant

Say goodbye to errors and omissions! Reports Now includes real-time prompts to help minimize revisions

“I was leaving money on the table. I’d gotten used to having an assistant that handled invoicing and collections. Now Anow is my assistant. It automates invoicing and makes it easy to check payment status.”

Sandy Matthes, Lightning Appraisals

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