Build your appraisal company’s brand with personalized assets

Anow can enhance your customer experience with beautiful, branded assets that give your clients easy ways to get in touch.

Does your appraisal business have a strong brand?

Your customers build an impression of your appraisal business with every interaction.

While your appraisers play the leading role in building your company’s brand, each message and interaction with your clients is an opportunity to share your values and level of service.

Anow Accelerate can help you build your brand:

  • Personalize your Anow Connect portal
  • Send branded forms, emails, and Walkthroughs

Personalize your Anow Connect portal, forms, and emails

Do you want your clients to build a connection with your company?

Anow Accelerate and the Branded Anow Connect add-on enable you to customize your Anow Connect Order Form, Portal, and Emails with your company’s details and branding assets.

Give your clients a personal touch:

  • Add your business name, phone number, and reply-to email address
  • Upload your logo
  • Choose a color to represent your business

Now your emails, Anow Connect portal, and order forms will remind clients of your business, its brand identity, and your contact details.

Send branded Walkthroughs and enhanced text messages

Do you want your clients to recognize your business with each Walkthrough Survey?

Anow Accelerate personalizes your Walkthrough Surveys with your branding assets and adds your company’s contact details to each SMS text message.

Just add your company’s logo and business contact details in Anow Connect.

Now you get these branding benefits:

  • Walkthrough Surveys add your company logo at the top
  • Homeowner reminder text messages for each Walkthrough include your company’s phone number so they can reply with any questions

Anow Accelerate

Is your business on a mission to grow?

Accelerate adds a suite of extra tools to help your appraisal business scale.

You can add Accelerate to any Essentials plan, on a monthly or annual basis.

Stand out and look professional

Add your logo and important company information to each Walkthrough survey, Anow Connect Order Form, and Online Client Portal.

Build your appraisal brand with Anow

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