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“How can you give a client good service if you don’t have the right information? With ANOW I’m no longer guessing about what’s going on in my business… I finally feel in control.”

A-Tech converted from eTrac to ANOW as their software solution to run their real estate appraisal office.


Growing Your Business.

“Our firm has been extremely pleased with Anow and their integral role in the recent growth and expansion of our own business. From the very beginning, it’s been obvious that customer service is paramount, as Marty and the team has been willing to listen to some of our needs and ideas and incorporate many functions within the new rollouts to further help us on a daily basis. Although there might be an initial learning curve, as expected with trying anything for the first time, the overall functionality of the website and its role in allowing the entire appraisal process to be organized and easy to track is well worth the time. We look forward to continuing to work with Marty and the Anow team into the future, as both of our businesses continue to grow.”

Todd HueyTodd Huey

Managing Partner, Huey Davis Group

Be more confident.

“My office is using Anow right now and really liking it. The calendar with due dates has added a level of confidence that files aren’t falling through the cracks and getting submitted on time.”

Todd HueyJason Snider

Owner/President, Appraisal Performance Inc.

Track your business.

“You guys rock. Best investment I’ve ever made. You’ve made my business run so much smoother than an excel spread sheet. I love the site. It’s making things easier for me to track as opposed to using a la mode. Thanks.”

Todd HueyMark Skapinetz

Owner, What’s it Worth Appraisal Services.

Built for appraisers, by appraisers.

“Anow saves me a lot of time and headaches. It’s easy to use and you can tell it was designed by appraisers. It’s a no brainer.”

Dylan SidwellDylan Sidwell

Commercial Appraiser, Garnett Wilson Realty Advisors

More free time.

“My husband and I work together in our appraisal business. Not only has it freed my time from copying/pasting maps and keeping up with Excel logs, we can both pull up the schedule from either of our mobile devices, which has provided freedom from the office. I love this system and strongly recommend it.”

Todd HueyDeb Newman

Office Manager, R. Kendall Newman Group

Save time, make more money.

“I’ve tried everything from spreadsheets to a custom built database. Anow is way easier to keep track of everything and I love the Analytics. I’m able to do at least 1 more appraisal each week now.”

Todd HueyMark Matkowski

Residential Appraiser Contractor

Dustin HarrisCheck out this podcast from The Appraiser Coach, Dustin Harris to hear what he has to say about Anow and improving your business.

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