Anow Connect – Capture more client orders

Give your clients a simple, smart, and personal way to
send and track their orders with your appraisal company.

What is Anow Connect?

Great customer service is the only way to build an appraisal business.

But order submissions can be a slow, joyless experience that fails to connect your customers with your appraisal company and its brand identity.

Anow Connect replaces your order forms with a portal where each client can place an order, make payment, and receive automatic status updates.

Anow Connect automates an amazing customer experience

  • Give each client their own order booking portal
  • Automatically deliver real-time order updates (and stop sending emails)
  • Send notes about any order that land in your client’s portal and email inbox
  • Capture new orders straight into your Dashboard

Anow Accelerate can enhance your brand identity

  • Customize your Connect portal with your brand color, logo, and business details
  • Deliver reports that feature your branding assets and contact details

See Anow Connect in Action

How Anow Connect Works

Give your clients a portal where they have the freedom to place and monitor orders at their leisure. Now you have no need to send updates or notifications – Anow Connect can handle everything.

Step 1

Your client places an order through your direct link or your client portal. OR, you can manually connect your client on your order details page.

Step 2

Orders placed online will appear automatically in your Pending orders where you can accept, review or reject. Then start working on it like any other order!

Step 3

Progress on the order will be shared automatically with your client in real time. No need for back and forth emails!

Step 4

Complete the order and deliver the report to your client in no time. All of this can be customized with your companies branding (logo and colors!)

Give each client their own portal to place orders

Do you wish each client could enjoy their own dedicated account manager?

Anow Connect offers the next best thing – a dedicated order booking portal for each client that delivers real-time updates, with no need for manual emails.

Deliver great customer service on autopilot

Your clients can log into their Anow Connect appraisal booking portal whenever they like, place an order, and get real-time updates about its status.

Each client order appears in your ‘Pending’ tab – and you can choose to accept, review, or reject it.

Once you accept an order it appears on your Dashboard and your client gets automatic updates on its progress in real time – so there’s no more need for email updates.

Add an order portal to your website in minutes

It’s easy to give your clients their own Anow connect portal order booking portal. Just add two website links to instantly upgrade their customer experience and start winning more orders.

You just need two links:

  • Client Access – to log in and track orders
  • Order Form – to place orders
Fine-tune your appraisal ordering experience

You can customize your appraisal booking portal and forms for client orders to ensure that they’re happy and your business needs are factored in.

Customize your client orders:

  • Set a default minimum due date for each new order
  • Preview the email updates that your clients will receive
  • Customize your order form field drop down lists
  • Edit the web address that your clients use to enter the Anow Connect portal

Send order notes straight from Anow Connect

Would you like an easier way to update your clients about their orders?

Anow Connect offers a built-in Notes & Messages feature that enables you and your clients to add notes and ask questions, straight from any order.

Each order note can be sent to:

  • Admin staff
  • Your ‘Connected Client’
Send notes to clients

Just select ‘Connected Client’ if you want to send a note to your client. They will receive an email notification and can login to their Client Access portal to read it.

Receive notes from clients

Your clients can send or reply to messages directly from their portal – and you can read them in the Anow Details page for that appraisal.

Personalize your Anow Connect portal, forms, and emails

Do you want your clients to build a connection with your company?

Anow Accelerate and the Branded Anow Connect add-on enable you to customize your Anow Connect order forms, portal, and emails with your company’s details and branding assets.

Give your client orders a personal touch:
  • Add your business name, phone number, and reply-to email address
  • Upload your logo
  • Choose a color to represent your business

Now your emails, Anow Connect portal, and order forms will remind clients of your business, its brand identity, and your contact details.

Appraisers Like You Agree

You don’t need to take our word for it. Read these stories from appraisers using Anow Connect to find out how it’s helped their business!

To Accurity, we’re each independent companies with websites from which clients can order appraisals. To the lender, it’s ONE seamless ordering and notification experience. Anow Connect also rolls all the orders up from all the companies into ONE dashboard.

TJ McCarthy

Accurity United

This gives our admins what they need to answer questions when the clients call… MailNow, Connect, there’s a lot of just basic systems inside Anow that allow someone in my office to communicate with me in the field, at the same time communicating with our client, all with just the click of one button.

Creighton Cross

Accurity Braun & Associates

As soon as I got my first order through Anow Connect, I realized it was a game changer. My clients love the experience, and it couldn’t make life any easier for me. This is a really unique aspect of Anow – nobody else has a feature like this.

Mark Skapinetz

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