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Anow Walkthrough

An easy breezy homeowner inspection tool, designed to help appraisers when they cannot get inside a property. Included in every Anow account.



Why We Built It

In response to the recent events in the world due to the COVID-19, many businesses have been impacted severely, and property appraisers have not been left unscathed.

Anow Walkthrough offers a step by step guide for homeowners to capture photos and necessary info of the interior and exterior of a property so you don’t have to put yourself or anyone around you at risk.

Public Records and artificial intelligence to verify data

Compliant & Secure with GPS & Date/Time Stamped Photos

No App Download

Seamlessly integrated into your Anow account

User Friendly

How It Works

Walkthrough is branded to you. You’re able to promote your business and offer this service to your clients for no extra cost. Simply send the form and follow along, or walk them through via phone or video chat.

Step 1

Send a text or email to the access contact.

Step 2

Homeowners and realtors follow a step by step guide to gather compliant specific property information.

Step 3

Once complete, Anow’s public record database and artificial intelligence reviews for accuracy and fraud prevention.

Step 4

You receive report-ready content to complete a full appraisal in the comfort of your home!

Connected. Easy to use. Branded to you.

The home inspection process doesn’t need to be daunting. It takes 30 minutes or less as our streamlined design allows anyone to complete the process, regardless of their abilities. Have a smartphone? You’re in.

See Walkthrough in Action

Say goodbye to desktop appraisals

The Walkthrough  platform makes it easy to complete an inspection in less than 30 minutes without going to a property.

What you’ll see inside:

  • How walkthrough connects to Anow.
  • How to send an inspection survey.

Appraisers Like You Agree

You don’t need to take our word for it. Read these stories from appraisers using Anow Walkthrough to find out how it’s helping them continue to earn a living.

“Since the pandemic started we have only been able to do exterior inspections and are avoiding going into all properties. Anow Walkthrough lets homeowners and realtors we are working with easily give us everything we need to confidently do full appraisals and keep my income up, without putting anyone at risk. This is game changing for us right now.”

Mark Matkowski

Soderquist Appraisals

“BAREA (Business Association of Real Estate Appraisers) are focused developing ways to adapt to this ever changing appraisal environment and Anow Walkthrough is an important tool in achieving that goal. It’s clear that technology innovations like Anow will shape the future of appraisals.”

Leigh Walker

Lawrenson Walker

Ready for Walkthrough?

Great news – it’s available now! It’s already loaded and available in your Anow account – all you need is an account.


Included for free on every Anow account so you can get back to making a living.

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