Anow puts appraisal
business owners in control

Track orders, streamline your processes, and manage your team more effectively as your business grows.

Do you struggle to stay on top of your appraisal business?

Every appraisal business owner wants to streamline their processes and scale.

But it’s difficult to remain focused on high-level goals when you’re overwhelmed with daily tasks and unable to get a bird’s eye view of your business.

Anow puts you in control of your appraisal business:
  • Track every order with a CRM designed for appraisal business owners
  • Watch your business grow with financial reports and analytics
  • Send smart digital invoices and accpet online card payments
  • Plan your month with a calendar designed for appraisal companies
  • Pin every appraisal to a map with filters and order details
  • Send messages straight from an order to anyone in your business
  • Give clients a personalized order portal with automatic updates
  • Create a custom workflow for every business process
  • Work anywhere with the Anow Mobile smartphone app
  • Enjoy personalised product training and support
Anow Accelerate gives you tools to scale:
  • Get advanced financial insights reports
  • Schedule customized reports to be sent to your inbox
  • Control your order lifecycle with custom rules
  • Simplify review management with a QC Dashboard
  • Track performance with Appraiser Scorecards
  • Identify star clients with Client Scorecards
  • Track revenue and order goals
  • Manage multiple offices
  • Match your best appraisers to each order

Track every order with a CRM for appraisal business owners

Are you ready for a faster, smarter way to do business?

Anow puts your entire business into one beautiful interface that’s designed to save time, cut costs, and help you complete more appraisals.

As a business owner, you can manage your orders, clients, fees, and more using powerful tools that eliminate admin tasks, give you a clear picture of your appraisal business, and enable your team to spend more time serving clients.

Manage your entire appraisal business:
  • Create and customize your workflows
  • Get automated status updates
  • Track end-to-end status updates
  • Manage an unlimited number of appraisals and appraisers
  • Upload and attached unlimited amounts of files
  • Get your business up and running in minutes

Watch your business grow with beautiful analytics

Do you need an easier way to understand your appraisal business?

Anow transforms your appraisal data into powerful financial reports that offer a clear overview of a company’s revenue, reports, and payroll for any business owner.

Get the financial reports you need:
  • Volume and revenue (with reports and graphs)
  • Categories by client, appraiser, and location
  • Custom tracking categories (eg. AMC, Broker, etc.)

Anow can also store commissions, run payroll, generate and send business health report emails each week or month, and export data in both .CSV and PDF format.

Send smart invoices with easy online payments

Would you like quicker invoices that can collect credit card payments?

Generate and send beautiful, branded invoices that include payment links – so your clients can settle up with any major credit card.

Make invoicing and payment easy:
  • Create and send attractive invoices from your files and fees in seconds
  • Brand each invoice with your company logo
  • Generate payment links that accept every major credit card
  • Offer robust accounts receivable tracking
  • Enable accounting and client report exports

Achieve more with a calendar that’s designed for appraisers

Could you do more with better time management?

Anow’s calendar gives you a clear overview of your schedule in a simple, drag-and-drop interface that synchronizes with your existing calendar.

It’s never been easier to get a handle on your schedule, or to check your itinerary to see if you or your team are available for an appraisal.

Take control of your calendar:
  • Synchronize with Google calendar and your phone
  • Send customizable mobile notifications
  • Add appointments, due dates, and events with a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Block off availabilities and vacation time
  • Apply filters and overlays to track your entire team
  • Display in a grid view that suits larger teams

Map every order across your appraisal business

Are you looking for a total overview of your company’s appraisal activities?

Build a clearer picture of your appraisal pipeline by viewing your orders on an interactive map.

Toggling ‘Map View’ in your Appraisal Dashboard pins every order to a map that we’ve designed to give the perfect level of detail for any business owner.

Map out your entire appraisal pipeline:
  • Get a summary view with appraisal clusters, or zoom in to see individual orders
  • Check the status of each order with color-coded pins
  • Use filters and search options to remove orders you’re not interested in
  • Check appraisal details by simply clicking on an order pin
  • Calculate your driving distance and run mileage reports

Send and track messages for every order

Does your appraisal business need an intuitive messaging system to discuss orders and track conversations?

Anow’s Message Center is integrated throughout the platform. It’s easy to use, and each conversation can be linked to an order and recalled later.

Now your appraisal team can keep in touch and help anyone in the office – from appraiser to business owner – to keep on top of each order as it evolves.

Automate your client updates with Anow Connect

Do you want a faster, automated way to update your clients about their orders?

Anow Connect gives each of your clients a personalized portal where they can track orders, and sends automated status updates straight to their inbox.

Give your clients a portal where they can do anything:
  • Track the status of each order
  • Get a map review
  • View invoice information
  • Check any relevant notes

Once your client’s placed an order and it’s been accepted, they can simply log into their Anow Connect portal to begin tracking the status.

Each time you update an order in Anow they immediately receive an automated email update.

Phone calls and email updates are now a thing of the past.

Define each business process as a custom workflow

Are you looking for a tool to streamline your business processes?

Use Anow’s Custom Workflow tool to define the steps for each activity in your appraisal business and ensure that nothing important gets overlooked.

Create workflows to streamline your processes:
  • Create and name new workflow
  • Add each task with a color code and description
  • Save time by setting tasks to be checked-off when an action’s completed
  • Set each workflow as the default template for any action

Now if your team creates a new appraisal, they’ll automatically load the ‘New Appraisal’ workflow – with each step laid-out, color-coded, and described by the business owner.

Work smarter, anywhere, with Anow Mobile

Could your appraisers achieve more if they had every detail at their fingertips?

Anow Mobile puts the power of Anow and your entire appraisal company’s knowledge into a simple, beautiful mobile experience that’s tuned for each member of your team.

Now your team can spend more time winning business – and less time checking their laptops, calling the office, and trying to work out their schedule.

Access your entire business from your smartphone:
  • Get an overview of your itinerary from the customizable home screen
  • Check every appraisal deal and record
  • Map out appraisals and load them into your navigation app
  • Update your tasks, notes, and files
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the office
  • Manage your appraisal calendar and sync it with your smartphone
  • Work offline and use Siri to transcribe notes (iOS only)

You can download Anow Mobile from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android devices.

Get a personal product training and support experience

Do you feel worried that it might be difficult to setup and use a new system?

We offer free one-on-one product training and support to get your team up to speed.

You can book a session that fits your needs:

1. Process
Set your company up for success. Discover how to build custom workflows, file numbers, add numbers, and more.

Book your session now → 
2. Finance & Analytics
Get a handle on your company’s numbers. Learn how to use payroll, send invoices, set fees, and generate reports.

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Anow Accelerate for business owners

Looking for a powerful suite of tools?

Accelerate is a bundle of features for growing companies needing the features that the best companies rely on. Accelerate can be added on to any Essentials plan on a monthly or annual basis.

What do you get with Anow Accelerate?


Would you like to start each day with a fresh coffee and a clear overview of your goals?

Schedule a custom financial insights report to arrive in your inbox whenever you need it.


Working with and managing a team has never been easier than it is with Anow, from smart assigning appraisers to orders, to setting up office profiles and watchers, to having real-time appraiser and client scorecards available at your fingertips.


Enhance the quality of appraisals and reports that your company is able to deliver with assigned Reviewers, a dedicated QC Dashboard to manage orders needing review or attention, customizable review checklists and more.


This is for the companies that want to stand out and look professional. Add your logo and other important company information to your Anow Walkthrough survey, as well as your Anow Connect Order Form and Online Client Portal.

Build your appraisal business with Anow

Get a FREE 30 day trial of Anow and Anow Accelerate.