Are there only 5 traps in the appraisal business? Likely way more than just five…every business has its potential pitfalls, and appraising is no different. Identifying what those traps are and successfully navigating them can take your business to the next level. Easy, right? Not always so, but that’s what we’re here to help with today.

How do you improve your appraisal business?

In our opinion, there are five major traps that many appraisal businesses fall into for one reason or another. Often these things can be attributed to retrograde attitudes towards technology or the fear of trying something new; it happens quite a bit. Sometimes it comes down to simply being busy and not taking the time to make the necessary changes that the business requires to keep moving forwards. Whatever the reason may be, we’re not only here to pinpoint where we see most appraisal businesses lagging behind but to offer solutions as to how to fix those issues.

The 5 traps in appraising

Luckily, with our help and a little forward thinking, these potential or current red flags can all be avoided. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what these traps are and the best ways to fix or avoid them altogether. Here are the 5 traps in running your appraisal business and how to fix them:

1. No standardized workflow trap

It seems quaint, but performing necessary tasks in the proper order can streamline and simplify everything about the work day. Anow’s software streamlines everything about the appraisal process and makes it quicker and more efficient. Not having a system in which things are done properly and in order can throw things out of whack as people are prone to get distracted by bigger tasks. Having a system that takes care of how to do things properly and who is responsible for what eases stress and streamlines every aspect of the day-to-day.

2. No group scheduling view

Appraising can be a hectic industry at the best of times, and that is due, in part, to the number of moving people and pieces the business requires. If everyone is keeping their own private calendar it can be nearly impossible to know where everyone is at any given moment. With Anow’s software, there is a public calendar/ scheduling feature that keeps everyone abreast of everyone’s schedule. It keeps the business agile, on time, and flexible enough to take care of any needs on short notice. What seems like a small feature can have major implications on how business is done. A public scheduling feature allows everyone to do their job better.

3. No centralized files/storage

The appraisal business has long been one dominated by paper and paper filing. It works for some but anyone who has ever tried to quickly find a document that’s been filed away in the deep recesses of an office knows this isn’t always so simple. A centralized filing system or database is the only way to keep things organized and easy to find. Anow’s software has a built-in database that makes it not only easy to find any piece of data you’re looking for but easy to add new files and information. Not having pertinent information easily accessible is a major trap many businesses fall into, and one that can leave you well behind your competition.

4. Playing email/telephone tag

Part of succeeding in the appraisal business is being able to respond to requests quickly and efficiently, which makes reliable communication paramount. With Anow’s software, you can assign appraisals as they come in as well as see the status of every appraiser and know where they’re currently at. Instead of furiously calling or messaging someone you need without having a good idea of where they are or what they’re doing, you can see who’s available to do what and when. A simple click can help you avoid playing phone tag and keep you from missing potential opportunities.

5. Missing performance reporting

Performance reporting is important because being able to respond to client’s requests and sort out any potential issues is key to proper customer service. Anow allows you to assess performance as it’s happening and get on top of issues before they’re happening. Keeping track of turnaround times and ensuring everyone is doing their job to proper standards keeps clients happy and the business running smoothly. Performance reporting can get lost in the shuffle sometimes and this is a trap many fall into. Keeping on top of performance may be the difference between keeping up and surging ahead. Take these 5 traps to heart to improve your business. Test our features with Anow’s 14-day free-trial.

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