Perhaps it doesn’t have to be a new year’s resolution. Taking your business to the next level; streamlining and growth are always at the fore of any business. It’s an easy thing to pay lip service to, to be sure, but how do you make tangible differences and improve? There are many ways to go about improving, it’s a nebulous concept, some of them include buttoning down on expenses, pushing your staff to greater heights, or bringing in more clients. Sometimes the changes can be very subtle but have just as important of an impact as those larger, more traditional ideas.

Often it can be making a change as seemingly small as the introduction of new, or improving upon, software that can make a subtle yet tangible difference to your business. Software that is specifically tailored to your business, appraisals specifically, serve to free up time in myriad ways. Things like finding comps, knowing where your appraisers are at all times, having a database that’s organized and easy to search are just a few of the ways that a business can streamline.

Unique Software Features

There are a few other features that make unique software that we feel can improve any appraisal business. These aren’t revolutionary ideas but real, practical applications that will save time and money for any appraisal company, no matter the size. Here are a couple features that fall under that banner:

Integrated Maps

A simple function contained within the software that serves two primary purposes- the first being that it allows appraisers to get from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. Whether that be from the office to a property, or from property to property, this allows for major time and cost savings. The second is to be able to know where appraisers are at all times. This allows you to keep your business agile and should something come up that requires immediate attention, you can send the appraiser that’s closest to where you need them to be. A simple and effective program that saves time and money;

Accessible Data

As is the nature of any business, questions come up on the fly that you may not always be prepared for but need to satisfy. Being able to access the relevant appraisal data you need from any device at any time will go a long way in being able to answer those queries and take care of issues as they arise. It’s perfectly simple, but has practical applications that will save time and solve problems on the fly;

Payment Scheduling

Anow’s analytics keeps track of unpaid invoices, allowing you to stay on top of those who are tardy in their payments. It also alters you as to whether or not clients have been invoiced and whether or not appraisal reports have been completed. With a busy business, these things can occasionally be overlooked. Staying on top of payments makes things run smoother and keeps the coffers full.

Why Choose Anow for Appraisals?

With all of that in mind, and for anyone looking to take their appraisal business to the next level, we suggest you give our unique software a try. To make a potential transition easier we offer a 14-day trial period, which is enough time to get a feel for the software as well as see the potential effects it can have on your business. We’re confident enough in the software that we think you’ll want to integrate it into your business. For the few reasons mentioned above, and in the interest of streamlining your business, we think the tangible cost-saving measures the software provides are well worth making the change.


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