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by | Sep 20, 2017 | Appraisal articles

The summer out West has been hot, and the team here at ANOW have been positively on fire. Our own nerd factory has been cranking out improvements, features, and new integrations at a rapid pace.   Additionally, we made some pricing changes which will allow you to utilize our software with a minimal impact on your bottom line to support our rapid growth we have been adding to the team.

Our first update today is great news for all our East Coast customers.

Expanded support hours

We are getting more and more customers from Eastern Canada and the Eastern seaboard of the USA, so we sought out an early riser to join our team. Welcome, Britt! Britt is augmenting our stellar support team starting at 7 AM MST – 9 AM MST each day.  ANOW chat, email and phone support are there for you from 9 AM to 7 PM EST (that’s 6 AM to 4 PM our West Coast customers). Sorry Hawaii, we’re not big enough to cover your workday… YET.

Oh, and don’t forget, our support is 100% free.

ANOW Updates Pricing

We made some pricing changes. A few of the key add-ons, like the web order form and credit card acceptance, were in high demand and a real difference maker for many of our customers.  With new integrations in the pipeline, we moved those old add-ons into the basic package. Anyone subscribing was automatically adjusted and going forward those features are now free to all. More ANOW goodness, no extra cost.

We also added a handy little pricing calculator to our price page. Give it a try to find out how much the software will cost based on users and admins.

Updated Mobile client: Version 1.5.1

The ANOW iOS app has been steadily improving along the way. Apple users are able to download the app on both iPhone and iPad. Be patient Android users! We are planning to get you in the loop soon enough.

Version 1.5.1 includes some great features. Improved photo function, SMS support, and general improvements. Here are the details:

  1. The ability to add and attach photos from your iPhone camera to an appraisal!
  2. SMS support allows you to text clients without ever leaving the app!
  3. We’ve also added a number of new improvements making the ANOW iOS app easier to use, faster, and more reliable.

Cool New Tools

The web app team is killing it!  Okay, so maybe locking our genius propeller heads in during hot summer days was uncalled for, but it sure worked.  Here is a quick list of some amazing new features:

    1. The New Appraisal form can now be customized.  Don’t need all those fields and like tabbing through quickly?  You can now pick and choose the common fields you use in the form.  Customize your data entry. 
    2. MailNOW AddOn.  A hot new feature or just a little magic in your day, nobody likes manual order and address entry. MailNOW is an email “genie” that reads email order details, captures common data fields, and enters them directly into ANOW for you. No typing and less work, as the email appraisal order forwarded to ANOW will magically appear in your order desk. Read more about MailNOW.
    3. ANOW -> Total integration, or TotalNOW.  First, there was  Total -> ANOW,  the ability to merge your Total report data with your ANOW appraisal file.   You loved it, so we turned up the heat and made our Total integration work in reverse.  Now you can send the details of any appraisal file in ANOW directly to your Total a la Mode report writer. Read more about TotalNOW.
    4. Historical Appraisals Map View.   This little button is an awesome tool when you want to visualize appraisals you have done in a specific area. Just click the Historical View button when in the Maps module and watch as we populate all the previous appraisals you have done in that area along with fee you charged.
    5. Meet DAV (Duplicate Address Verification). DAV is not only cute but is an incredibly productive tool. Every time you start a new appraisal, DAV will search your history and display all the times in the past that address has been appraised. Or if someone else entered that order a few minutes ago, you will know immediately. Learn more about DAV.

Just added

It’s crazy but true, a last-minute tool that we just launched this week.

Clone Tool. Have you ever found yourself entering appraisal after appraisal in the same building, only changing the apartment or unit number?  Try our new Clone Appraisal function! Simply pick an existing appraisal and then click the Clone button.  Now all you have to do is enter the one to two items that are different from the original appraisal.  Boom!  #productivity.  Available now, today even! Learn more about the clone feature.

clone tool


When we added our integration to TOTAL, the customer response was incredible. Everyone in the industry asks the same thing: “Why is every tool or service a silo, why doesn’t anything work together?” Good question — and we are out to solve it. So we are adding new integrations, and our goal is to make get as many products, platforms or report writers integrated to ANOW as possible.

Watch for beta invitations or product announcements here.

Stay tuned, we have some really fun stuff on the way!


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