Anow Powers Large Appraisal Firms For Success

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Appraisal articles

Anow is designed for real estate appraisal companies of all sizes, with many advanced features built for medium to large firms who want to drive business growth, increase team productivity, and simplify office management.

Doing lots of appraisals presents its own challenges, but managing lots of appraisals from an office creates a whole other series of challenges we’ve never come into before. We do significant volume through the office but to be able to have it organized with Anow has been fantastic for us. We wouldn’t have been able to do the last 12 months without it.

Leigh Walker

Lawrenson Walker

The Simple Way To Get Teamwork Accomplished, Fast

Enabling all appraisers and admins in your organization to work together, live, through one platform will allow your team to get more work done and simplify your life. TJ McCarthy, member of the Accurity Valuation Network, relies on the Anow Nexus form filler to give all members of his nationwide network a chance to be involved and have a voice in the process.

[Nexus] is probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen Anow do. Their goal here is to give me a one stop location where an appraiser can do all of his work, it’s retained as an electronic workfile, everything is in one spot and it’s fully connected through Anow. It makes it easier for reviewing the product, it’s just the best. I absolutely love it, I can’t promote this one enough

TJ McCarthy

Accurity Valuation Network

With Nexus you can have 3 or 4 unique individuals in different locations, working live to help build the appraisal together without crossing into each other’s territories. The cloud based software equips users with the tools necessary to do massively parallel work – from working in the field, administrivia, QC, training, to collaborating with other appraisers.

Near Or Far, Collaborate With Colleagues In Real-Time

When you work with a team that’s spread out across different locations or working remotely, it can be difficult to manage emails and documents, and limit the time spent in meetings, all while keeping everyone on the same page. 

Rebecca Lasky, real estate evaluator at Real Estate Evaluation of Wisconsin, is part of a thriving firm whose employees all work in unique cities. They needed a better way to manage their workload and processes, from time spent driving to properties, to the amount of internal phone calls made each day. Relying on an array of different programs to run the business, they were frequently spending valuable time searching for important documents and trying to schedule appointments. 

I can simply look at my dashboard and say to a colleague, “Hey, I see you’re scheduled to take pictures of a property in Rhinelander [Wisconsin]. I’m going to be 10 minutes from there, so I can grab those for you and save you two hours in the car.”

Rebecca Lasky

Real Estate Evaluation of Wisconsin

Anow appraisal management software makes it simple for teams to collaborate on orders, communicate with one another in real-time, reduce the number of weekly staff meetings, compare schedules, and evenly distribute work.

Make Sure Your Team Is Confident & Onboard

For a medium or large sized firm, the thought of ditching current processes and jumping into a new piece of technology can be intimidating.

Creighton Cross, Chief Appraiser and Owner at Accurity – Braun & Associates, explained how they had been using a system in Excel that was functional, but was nowhere near as efficient as it needed to be for their company to grow. When Cross suggested making the switch to Anow appraisal management software, he needed to make sure that everybody on his team loved it – not just him.

Being able to grow with a big group of people meant everybody had to be on board, just because I loved it and I adopted it before anybody else didn’t mean that everybody else is going to love it… It took just a little bit of a learning curve, and with that learning curve came the support… These guys answer questions incredibly fast. No software company comes close.

Creighton Cross

Accurity Braun & Associates

Anow support is highly responsive so that productivity isn’t lost when transitioning into an unfamiliar system. 

  • Contact the Support Team through live chat 💬  on our website, by calling 📞  1-800-403-7121, or by emailing 📧

  • There is an extensively detailed Knowledge Base with hundreds of helpful articles available to anyone who wants to learn more about Anow and how every feature works.


  • The Anow Youtube channel has a library full of educational and instructional videos that can be referenced at anytime. 

We have to be able to figure it out, adapt, communicate, and get that back to our clients as fast as possible, and Anow is the answer that we found for that. It’s just incredible the efficiencies and flexibility that this program gives.

Creighton Cross

Accurity Braun & Associates

Get More Appraisal Opportunities

Have you ever had to say no to an order because you didn’t have access to resources in that location or you’re simply just too busy?

Anow enables you to work efficiently with other appraisers to service a larger footprint, giving you a bigger book of business and allowing you to take on more opportunities. 

Anow gave us the ability to go to single users and draw them into a network where they could participate and receive orders from us and put orders into us, so that’s helped us grow tremendously. We look at appraisers today, they have to look at different opportunities to gain work, and that allows us to take a single user, connect them into the Anow system, or our technology system, and be able to work with them.

Michael Breidenbach

Accurity Valuation, LLC

Connecting with others in the industry on a common technology platform to reach a common goal will enable you to say “yes” to clients more often, resulting in more completed orders.

If you’re in areas where markets are down and you have excess time, for example, you could be working with your peers in different regions to enable each other in success. 

Using Anow tech to work with appraisers across different locations gives you the power to effectively get more deliveries out the door.


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