Appraisal Business Standards in the 21st Century: Have You Streamlined Your Company Processes?

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Appraisal articles

Innovation is everywhere nowadays, and the real estate technology industry is no different. With today’s booming housing market and consumer expectation of fast results, lenders cannot keep up with the increasing demand. This means that lenders are looking for ways to accelerate the closing process for homeowners.

Enter the appraiser.

Any real estate transaction requires an estimated value of a home, and this valuation calculates how much the lender will give to a borrower. Simplification and modernization of the appraisal process are critical, as the necessary tasks appraisers must complete commonly get in the way of delivering exceptional customer service and achieving business growth.

An article on the Appraisal Buzz website discusses the key reasoning behind why appraisers should be modernizing their practices: “What we do won’t change, but how we do it will. Just like other industries, the way that appraisals work will change as the result of emerging technology. It’s time for appraisers to begin looking at themselves as the local market experts, experienced market analysts, and the trusted advisors in the appraisal process.”

It truly is as simple as that. The need to adapt, offer better client experiences, and deliver results faster, is becoming essential in all types of businesses and services, including the real estate appraisal industry.

Looking for a Smart Solution To Help You Simplify Your Life?

The Anow cloud-based platform streamlines everything in the appraisal process from order tracking, to managing payments, and everything in between. Anow assists appraisers in managing orders, clients and fees, and uses powerful technology to eliminate administrative tasks through automation workflow, providing a clear picture of the appraisal landscape and enabling appraisers to spend more time serving clients. With the help of the Anow suite of tools, appraisers can complete an order in an average of five days or less. These next generation features add time back to the appraiser’s schedule, and all parties involved reap the benefits of shorter delivery times, more secure, and better data.

At its core, Anow is designed specifically to modernize the workflow of each appraisal company. Appraisers need to reach quicker turn times in a low-rate environment, so appraisers must be equipped with better data, more mobility, and automation; this results in faster turn times and better service for the borrower and lender. The current process, plain and simply put, is outdated.

If you feel like you’re falling behind in your appraisal business, or you simply want to skyrocket your company towards success, see what Anow can do for you by booking a 1-on-1 demo with an Anow Specialist. You can get started right away with a free trial where you’ll have access to the entire repertoire of Anow tools for 14 days.


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