At Anow, we talk a lot about how our technology can go a long way in helping to streamline and move business forward. We’re excited about our software and we want you to be too! We thought the best way for our current and potential clients to get excited about what we can offer is to throw some hard data their way. When it comes to technology and adopting something new, especially in a business that is often a little behind the times, new software and what it brings often sounds esoteric and foreign.

Benefits of Anow Software

To combat those thoughts, we thought that we would discuss a few of the benefits of our software and how it can directly influence any appraisal business, no matter the size. Everyone wants their job to be easier and to be able to dedicate the proper amount of time to the things that matter. It’s so easy in the appraisal business to get bogged down performing administrative tasks that are tedious and time consuming. Sure they’re a part of the job, but the less time spent performing them and the more time spent appraising and doing the things that make money the better.

Appraising Made Easy

With that in mind, here are a few hard numbers that show just what Anow can bring to the table for your business, and how a move forward with technology will go a long way in saving you time and making you money.

It Only Takes 30 Seconds

With our software, all you need to load a new appraisal into the system is 30 seconds. The form and template is set up to make things as easy and efficient as possible. Anow validates finds missing zip/postal codes, and is able to calculate driving distance with the integrated maps function. Not only that, but all necessary information and notes are stored and easily available for reference at a later date, including legal information.

Deal With Only ONE Database

Instead of having an ocean of files spread throughout multiple offices or areas, Anow allows you to keep all of the information in one database. Having every bit of data you can possibly need in one space that’s available to access as long as there is an internet signal around (this includes tablets and smartphones), helps a business be more agile. Moreover, the addition of our software helps to cut down on the mountain of paperwork and improve organization within an office. These are all common sense moves for any business looking to improve.

Save up to 50% of Your Time

Any appraiser knows that a tremendous amount of time is spent searching, scheduling, assigning reports, invoicing, and taking care of other administrative tasks; often up to 50%. While these are all necessary functions of the business, there are ways to improve upon doing them and save time in the process. Anow automates all of these functions for you, saving a tremendous amount of time and freeing up said time to spend doing the things that make money and move the business forward- namely, appraising. Cutting down on these tasks makes a business and an appraiser significantly more agile and ready to perform their duties.

From 1 to 300+ Employees

If you’re thinking that this all sounds great but perhaps as a solo appraiser I don’t need something so elaborate, then think again. The beauty of this software is that it’s suitable for all sizes of business, whether you’re a solo or a large scale firm of over 300 people. The software was built with everyone in mind, and whether you’re a small or large scale operation, it’s beneficial to all. When it comes to organization, time-saving, and agility, no matter the size of your operation you can benefit from these things.

All of this, paired with top-notch security and user friendliness should convince any appraiser looking to take their small or large business to the next level that Anow is the answer. Making your life easier is a great way to relieve stress and grow your operation; something we take pride in.

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