Scheduling with your Appraisal Software

It’s a fact of life that we are all beholden to scheduling. Some schedules may be more flexible than others, but it’s a schedule nonetheless. For most of us, following the schedule can be difficult and tough to keep up with. foolishly, the majority of scheduling software people use is the one on their heads, and we all know that software can suffer from periodic, if not frequent, malfunctions. So how do we best combat these malfunctions in our daily lives, keep ourselves reliable and on track? We throw our appointments, meetings, and personal engagements in a calendar or scheduler and hope for the best.

When it comes to business, “hoping for the best” is not going to cut it. your competitors don’t operate that way and neither do you. It’s important to have reliable software that manages your appointments and schedule, and a calendar that integrates all of these for yourself and your colleagues. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? in the world of appraising, there hasn’t always been a glut of options to choose from to manage your schedule.

Having long worked with appraisers, Anow understands the pressures of the business and the importance of an all-encompassing scheduler. With that in mind, let’s take a look at these specific parts of Anow’s software and the ways in which they can improve your business.

 Best way to Organize Appraisal Appointments

Anow uses a shared calendar which keeps everyone in the loop and abreast of what’s important and what’s to come. Not only that, but the calendar gives alerts to upcoming appointments, report due dates, as well as anything that happens to be past due. Moreover, the shared calendar allows you to see who’s available for what and when. If someone has a full workload the calendar will show who has less to do and can, therefore, pick up some slack.

While none of this may seem ground-breaking, the simple function of having things be shared is a major improvement upon a number of individuals keeping their own calendars and having to sort things out the old-fashioned way. With a shared calendar, appointments will never be missed and work will never be overlooked because someone forgot or didn’t communicate their needs properly. Simplicity and practicality are the best ways to keep your business on track, on time, and profitable.

Dramatically Improve Appraisal Schedules

Another feature of Anow’s software is the integrated maps function. While on first glance it may seem like something that’s nice to have for getting from point A to point B, which is true, but with a little thought, it can be so much more. With appraising being a rapidly moving industry, one that requires agility and the ability to handle something at the drop of a hat, knowing where your people are at all times is paramount to actually staying on top of things. In practical terms, this allows you to send someone in the field who may be quite close to the destination to get to the location faster, as opposed to sending someone from the office. In addition to that, having an integrated maps function will save money as appraisers can better manage their routes, cutting down on expenses.

Anow the Best Appraisal Software

What all of this amounts to is a simplified, cost-effective, and practical strategy to keep appointments and scheduling on time. All of these scheduling functions that Anow’s software provide are intended to save your business time and money. A simple switch to a software that can easily integrate into your business is something all appraisal companies should be getting on board with, no matter the size.


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