In an industry that’s growing and changing all the time, it’s important to move in the same direction. While this doesn’t always mean keeping up with the absolute latest in technology as it pertains to the industry, it certainly would behoove you to look into what’s out there. Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons, which we’ll get into, the biggest reason being that the right appraisal software serves to make your life easier. If there’s something we’re all striving for it’s the ability to streamline certain parts of our lives and give us more time for recreational pursuits or family.

How Should You Plan to Save time?

It’s possible you’re currently using a proprietary system that consists of some combination of a spreadsheet and paper that has worked for a long time. While there’s nothing wrong with using your own system, taking a look at what else is out there can be helpful. Our own proprietary software is perfectly tailored to take your business (no matter what size) to the next level. How? By saving you time and streamlining operations. That’s an easy thing to say, so to be sure, the best way to backup these claims is to you how they work.

Let’s take a look at three of the features you can benefit from using our software that will save you time and make your work life that much easier:

Uncomplicated Appraisal Software: Integrated Maps

A major aspect of appraising is getting from place to place, whether it be the office or a property, efficiently and in good time. Many people aren’t blessed with an internal navigation system to be able to plan routes and get around town in the most efficient way possible. This leads to a tremendous amount of time wasted in traffic or driving around looking for a specific property. The integrated maps function works in conjunction with Google Maps to plan routes and get you from point A to point B in the most efficient manner possible. Simply planning your route beforehand with a couple of clicks can save a tremendous amount of time in a day and get you back to the office or appraising instead of driving.

From a management standpoint, the integrated maps function also allows you to track the whereabouts of all employees. This serves to keep the business agile as you can send people to places based on their location, saving their time and minimizing mileage.

Uncomplicated Appraisal Software: Internal Databases

As we all know, the appraisal business is built off information. Having this information on hand and accessible at all times is paramount to succeeding and performing the functions of the job quickly. Instead of consulting a homemade spreadsheet and cross-referencing that with things that have been filed or reside elsewhere on your computer. The internal database contains all relevant information relating to past or current appraisals. It’s all there at the touch of a button and can be accessed from any device should a signal be present.

What makes this great is that you’re no longer beholden to your office to do work, nor do you need to be accessing multiple resources at once to get the information you require. Everything is right in front of you whenever you need it. An effective internal database saves time, stress, and makes your business more agile by being able to get the information you need at the exact moment you need it.

Uncomplicated Appraisal Software: Shared Calendars

A shared calendar captures all important dates and appointments in one place that all relevant parties can access. Reminders for payments, appointments, and due dates can all be set within the calendar allowing you to keep your affairs in order while not worrying about forgetting something important. This feature also allows you to manage workloads of appraisers and utilize those who are free to help pick up the slack for those who are occupied.

The feature also keeps track of appraisers and alerts you when and where they have started working. The calendar allows appraisers to be more accessible in the field and allows you to know where they are, what they’re doing, and if they’re accessible or not. This is an important function for saving time and utilizing the resources you have in the most efficient way possible.

Anow’s software has many other functions that serve to save time and money for any size appraisal business. Should you be looking to modernize your business and take advantage of the resources out there, simple and effective software like this is the best plan of attack.

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