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Streamlining your appraisal business is about to get easier. As a first-timer to Anow’s amazing cloud based and mobile ready appraising software, you too can enjoy these following five benefits.

De-clutter the Appraisal Office

The traditional day-to-day operations of your business have you running around from site to site and client to client. This means that depending on the level of activity at any given time, your desk, vehicles, and home may be littered with folders, papers, and documents from your daily grind. Cloud-based appraisal software helps keep your documents accessible from any device in any location. When your files and information is organized so too can your process and your schedule.

Increase Work Efficiency

Manage your appraisal pipeline faster and with with greater accuracy. Use the GPS mapping feature ensure your business in the field is on track and on target. Receive notifications from appraisers notifying of key milestones and activities. When circumstances change rapidly, coordinate your team like a well-oiled machine. Communicate with your appraisers when you know they are on site as if you were right there with them. Unchain your processes from your desk and take your office mobile and decrease communication lead times with your team. The faster you can move and make key decisions about your projects, team, and customers the more you can increase your bottom line. We believe our appraising software is the best around.

Manage your Workflow with Anow Appraising Software

When the days and appointments start running into each other, it can be hard to keep track of all necessary activities. Anow’s appraisal software can help you put all of your ducks in a row. Schedule and share key tasks throughout the appraisal process across your team to ensure that no deadlines are missed.

Appraising Software will Streamline your business

With so many tools that aim to create efficiencies in segmented areas of small businesses, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent process across all of the disciplines needed to manage your appraisal company. Why use excel or an invoicing software product to manage customer billing while using another product to store key customer information; or spend valuable resources building and maintaining a custom software product? With a single software solution designed for appraisers, keep your customers on the forefront of your business. Record customer contact information, maintain key client requirements, manage your accounts receivables, schedule appointments, and monitor your appraisal workflow all from the same system.

Cloud based appraisal software won’t just empower your customer relationship management capabilities but also help you manage your day to day operations. Stay on top of your financial report card with a built-in payroll manager. Then, evaluate the health of your business using metrics from easy to read graphs and tables through the business analytics dashboard. By Identifying trends in your business early will help you make informed decisions on what components of your business to invest in and when to conserve resources.

Be an Industry Leader

According to the National Association of Realtors, 26% of realtors reported that low appraisals negatively affected pending real estate deals. As your business activity accelerates, maintaining a record of your appraisals using excel spreadsheets or custom databases can be difficult and expensive to maintain. Your comparables are one of the most valuable assets of your business. This proprietary information cannot be found through the MLS and should be easily accessible so that you can make decisions quickly and accurately to keep your customers on target. Anow’s comparables database system allows you to capture, search, and share important data throughout your team. This key feature ensures that you can keep your appraisals accurate and on point.

Want to hear more about how to streamline your appraisal business with Anow? Join one of our upcoming webinars and we can answer all of your questions.

With one fell swoop, cloud-based appraisal software can not only automate many time-consuming manual processes but also offer insights into new opportunities for your business. Anow can empower your team with the capabilities to grow your company faster and more effectively, leaving your competition behind. Take charge of your appraisal business. Get Anow.


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