Are You Tailoring Your Services To Meet The Needs Of Each Client?

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Appraisal articles

In a world where the value of assets and financials keep fluctuating, knowing the actual price of an asset is important for clients. Professional appraisers are the best bet when you need to get a clear picture of what your property or asset is worth. But not all clients have similar requirements. Appraisal clients can vary by size and industry, each with its own set of challenges and requirements.

The appraisal customers who need a real estate or commercial appraiser want a trustworthy appraisal service provider who can give a complete picture of the asset and its worth, enabling them to make the right decisions.

However, providing value to the appraisal client isn’t easy, especially when it comes to today’s complex and tumultuous market. A professional appraiser can’t just rely on focused expertise but should also understand the customers’ varied requirements.

Dive in as we discuss the key requirements of appraisal customers and non-lending clients who can benefit greatly from tailored services.

Appraisal Services For Realtors

Real estate is an important decision for clients, be it commercial owners or residential property owners. This is because of the high value attached to the asset, and because an uninformed decision can lead to a big blunder. Realtors are experts in enabling customers to make property-related decisions and advise their clients in the selling, purchase, or leasing of the property. However, the realtors or the AMCs themselves rely on an expert appraiser’s services to help them provide accurate advice on property-related matters.

Since real-estate agents or AMCs need only specific information, a simple but informative dashboard or report is ideal. With the information collected on the property, appraisers should provide the best possible picture of the potential value and even predict market fluctuations. Thus, the information should not just be easy to interpret but also include predictive findings to help future dealings. Tailor the documents to have interactive dashboards and facts or figures presented in a format that is easy to interpret for realtors. An assisted appraisal software can be the perfect partner for this requirement. 

Appraisal Services Tailored For Attorneys & Law Firms

When it comes to appraisal requirements with legal repercussions, the process needs to be a lot tighter and detailed. Attorneys usually need the services of appraisers when it comes to:

  • Value opinions for ownership interests
  • Determine the portion of ownership in the asset
  • Assist the client in business decisions
  • Work on dissolution cases involving real estate
  • Work on property-related disputes or other requirements

For these requirements, appraisers should also adhere to high ethical and moral standards, especially when protecting their customers’ information. While appraisers need not be experts in legal matters, they should provide a clear picture of their customers’ specific requirements.

Appraisal reports and comprehensive documents should be easy-to-understand so attorneys can leverage them further. Since appraisers can even be questioned to verify and cross-examine any claims made, a small fib can discredit the services you provide. So be transparent with your documents and be clear on the intended goal.

The appraisal requirements can vary depending on the need, like divorce settlements, litigation support, tax appeal, real-estate settlement, etc. Additionally, make sure these documents are protected and you are complying with all data-privacy laws since there is a lot of sensitive information at stake. 

Appraisal Services For Accountants

Although the requirements of appraisal customers in real-estate can be similar, a few specific requirements need to be considered when it comes to accountancy clients. Residential and commercial property values keep fluctuating as per market fluctuations and require a precise valuation. Many rely on their accountants to ensure that they have a clear picture of all their assets. The account relies on an appraiser’s services to determine and provide their customer with accurate facts and figures.

To help accountants, appraisers should make sure that they share detailed documentation and update the reports regularly to improve accuracy. Whether it is commercial or residential properties, investing, purchasing, and selling decisions depend greatly on accuracy. And a small fluctuation could risk the entire value or end up being a blunder.

So, accurate data is the true asset for accountants when dealing with expensive and complex property structures. Appraisers can help accountancy clients by providing a detailed letter of transmittal, enabling them to get a clear understanding of what they need to know. The expanded letter of transmittal should also include contacts, documents, or accompanying documents to explain the information presented in the document.

Wrapping Up

In addition to these clients, there are other industries that also may require a focused and tailored approach. Every valuation requirement is different and requires a specific methodology and process to offer optimum support as an appraiser. So, make sure to maintain the data and real-time updates of your customers when you provide any advice.

To help you get this done efficiently, appraisal software is a perfect way to complement your growing business requirements. This software is built specifically to cater to the diverse needs of appraisers, but make sure you choose one that is ideal for your needs.

Since appraisers are privy to sensitive data, using software that provides optimum security features is also essential. These features ensure that only your team and the right user groups have easy access to information while the data is protected from third-party access. In short, you need a tool that helps you easily create reports, dashboards, and analytics, while providing protected access.

From property appraisers to non-lender appraisers, everyone can gain from the multifunctional abilities of such a tailored appraisal platform. With these tips in mind, you will be able to deal with a diverse client group without any hiccups!


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