We hosted a webinar on Wednesday, January 13th discussing our latest feature: Auto File Numbering in Anow. Watch the recorded version below:

Questions asked at the webinar are as follows:

1. Our file numbers are 16-001. 16 being the year, 001 being our file number. Is there any way to add a selection of 001, 002?

Yes – definitely. Here’s what that would look like:


Once you hit 10 orders, you can quickly jump back into the settings, remove one 0 from the prefix and you won’t have to touch this again until you hit 100 orders.

2. We begin our file numbers with letters (i.e. T for trust, L for loan), depending on the job. then the year (16), then the actual number itself; so, for example, T16-100, or L16-100. What’s the best way to handle this?

This is a great question and there’s a couple of ways to handle this.

a) You can set the prefix to start with the most common order letter – maybe a majority of your orders are trust orders, start the prefix with ‘T’. Here’s what that would look like:


Your file numbers will auto-populate as outlined, and if you need to adjust the letter, you can still do so within the new appraisal page, as well as the appraisal details. So, that’s one option.

b) Another option is to leave the letter out completely, and simply add it in when adding the order itself or within the details itself.

We’ll set our prefix to 16-, next number to 100, no suffix, and an interval of 1.

All we need to do is add in the letter itself when we add a new order, or from within the details page itself.


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