You, our customers, provided us with a lot of feedback and great ideas on the ANOW Calendar. We heard it all and know the calendar is a critical tool in managing the office and team collaboration. In response, we have completely re-designed the Calendar. Think of it as a totally new version — no wonder we are excited to announce the release of Calendar 2.0!

We will be working on Help documentation and a product video soon, but as an introduction here are just a few outstanding features of Calendar 2.0:

Calendar Functionality

New Views

Appraisal Details

Personal Calendar Sync

Calendar Functionality   The calendar is now great for scheduling your team around Appointments, Tasks and other Events all from a single page in ANOW.  Filter and display Appraisals and Events by time period and / or team member.  Drag and Drop appointments, schedule Events, even vacation time as you look at the team calendar.  Block out time for custom events (Eg.  team lunch or dentist appointment) and schedule around visual time slots. You can even group by users, by tasks, or by a combination of both. For example, you can choose to display only John and Jim’s appointments along with selecting specific tasks to show on the calendar.

Also, note the new Private Event you can add to any day.  A great way to leave time for report writing, admin tasks or just to block vacation.

Calendar Filters are now available for all of the Calendar Views and provide the ability to show or hide items, making the Views easier to work with when there’s a lot of information present.

New Views    In addition to the standard Monthly,  Week and Daily views of your company calendar,  we have added frequently requested custom views to assist with scheduling.  For example: GRID (day or week) view will provide a powerful way to schedule work and view scheduling information for a specific day. Grid View provides a per employee, hour-by-hour view of any given day or week.

calendar anow appointment scheduling jane smith appraisal software

Grid: Week View (admin-only view)

Appraisal Details   We’ve made some important and very useful changes to the calendar. Most notably, from the calendar, you can see and review appraisal details before making assignments. Thus making the Calendar a fully integrated, powerful end-to-end management tool and opening the door to new potential workflows and lots of exciting future functionality!

appointment calendar 2.0 report due appraisal software new

Personal Sync  While we have always offered a great way to sync your work calendar back to your Outlook or iCalendar,  we now have the latest integration to Google Calendar. Have the kids soccer game on your personal calendar? Perhaps a Friday afternoon dentist appointment?  Sync your Gmail calendar to ANOW and privately block that time at work.  Reduce scheduling conflicts between work and personal time.

setup google sync anow calendar users connect calendar outlook ical

All that is just the beginning. Best yet, there is nothing for you to do. Just log in on Tuesday, February 21 and enjoy the new functionality and tools of your team and personal calendar!

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