Coming Soon! Check out the new and improved Anow “lite” details page!

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Product Updates

We have big news! 

The Anow Team has created a new ‘lite’ version* of the order details page, designed to be even more user-friendly and intuitive than before. 

What are the biggest changes?
    • A new, modern interface
    • Streamlined the fields available to reduce noise and confusion
    • Simplified navigation
    • Mobile-friendly view
What tools will you no longer see?
    • Notes can only be sent to lenders and AMCs; internal team message option has been removed.
    • The Fees & Costs area is now called “Payment”. This area will show the payout amount set by the client and cannot be edited by an appraiser.
    • The ability to customize which fields are shown and hidden has been removed.
Why are these updates happening?
    • You don’t have to be an Anow expert to use the program and get the details you need.
    • The goal of Anow is to simplify the lives of appraisers and admins; we want the order details page to be as straightforward yet informative as possible.
    • We are certain these changes will provide an improved experience working with lenders and AMCs through the Anow Marketplace. 
We compiled some great resources in our knowledge base to assist you with getting familiar with the changes.
Click the button below to go to the full collection of articles on this topic! ⬇️

Anow Support is available to help with any questions you have about the updated order details view. You can reach out through live chat on our website, by emailing, or by calling 1-800-403-7121.

Thank you for your time and happy appraising!

– The Anow Team 😃

*Please note the ‘lite version’ is only available for Anow users who aren’t signed up for a paid subscription. 


  1. Thomas Conmy

    Please is there any way to go back to the old page or at least toggle between the two? On the old site I was able to enter the contract price into a field to be printed, contract date also, because UWM does *not* put this vital info on their orders. Now I can’t access these fields so I have to *handwrite* this data on the new printed order form. Also, if there is a second borrower, it does not show up on the new page, but you have to click to a separate window to view it? And, we had the default set up for an order to be marked Inspection Complete shortly after the inspection time; this no longer works, and even actually clicking Inspection Complete on the new form doesn’t carry over to the order queue, which still says that it’s not inspected yet. This is just terrible, so much more work and some things simply not working. Please roll this back or allow us to choose which page works best for us! Help!

    • Britt

      Hi Thomas! In order to return to the previous order details page you will want to sign up for an Anow subscription! That will help you unlock access to the full details page. You can book a demo here to talk to someone on our team and get the full details about what subscription would be best for you: or email 🙂

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