Improving and streamlining any business is the only way to keep up with changing markets, technologies, and demographics. Each one is obviously different, but when it comes to the appraisal business, there are many people and companies who have not kept up with a changing industry. Perhaps falling prey to the old adage “it’s the way things have always been done,” many firms still operate behind the times when it comes to technology and utilizing the advantages at their disposal.

Modernize Your Appraisal Business

We, however, have the technology to remedy that and bring any business, no matter the size, up to date. Not only does our software modernize any appraisal business, but it offers practical and effective ways to improve your business. There are a number of functions in the software that streamline appraising and save time and money. It’s an easy program to use that is built off common sense and simplifying the appraisal business.

With all of that said, we thought we would walk through a few of the most effective ways to improve your appraisal business, and how using Anow’s software can help to achieve these goals.

Appraisal Scheduling & Appointments

Anyone in the business knows that scheduling appraisals and appointments in manners that are efficient for all those involved can be an almost impossible task. There are always a lot of moving parts, tight deadlines, and things like traffic to contend with. It’s not easy to do this effectively and many hours have been lost to inefficient routes and poor timing.

How to remedy this? Anow’s software offers shared calendars which solve a number of conundrums. First, it allows you to know where everyone is at any given time, whether their appointment has started, and when they’re finished. The calendar can be used to set reminders for important appointments, payments, or any other important piece of information. If you need someone for an appraisal on short notice the calendar will tell you who’s available and who isn’t. This allows you to keep your business agile and be able to react quickly to opportunities.

Efficient Mapping

Getting from point A to point B is always a more difficult task than it should be. People get lost, they don’t know where they’re going, or maybe they get stuck in traffic. Being able to map things out ahead of time to get to multiple appointments in the most efficient way possible, or to save time going from the office to a property and back, are great ways to improve your business. Saving time not aimlessly driving around will allow you to get things done in a timely fashion. Moreover, the cost savings that cab be realized on mileage from taking routes that are efficient can be quite substantial in the long run.

Anything that clearly saves time and money is a boon to any business. In appraising, where efficiency and cost savings are intrinsically linked, finding a program that easily handles these things for the business seems like a no-brainer.

Ease of Access to Information

Part of being efficient is being able to do things quickly and easily. Having all the necessary information on hand to get a job done properly is of the utmost importance when appraising. Should you need to consult comps on the fly or consult your database for other pieces of information that are required, being able to do so from anywhere is paramount. Anow’s software allows you to access it from any device so long as there is a signal to do so. This means that your phone or tablet can sub in for your office when on-site or working remotely.

Being able to access pertinent information at all times is huge for any business because it means that nothing has to wait. Being agile and able to respond to any issue at any time will do wonders for your business, and only serve to improve relations with everyone involved.

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