A No-Nonsense Guide to Productivity for Appraisers- Get More Done

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Appraisal articles

“You can do anything, but not everything.”

― David Allen

It is vital for any business that staff are productive and motivated, getting the most out of each workday as possible. As an appraiser, you need to be on the ball and ready to work at a fast pace each day.

Employee productivity is vital to keep the company functioning and when things are going well it is great, but if it starts to take a downward turn, the business can suffer dramatically and very quickly, as well as the mental health and wellbeing of those involved. There could be something specific that causes people to feel less productive at work, or it could be a gradual build-up which leads to less work done and poorer quality outcomes for the tasks which are completed.

If you find yourself lacking in productivity, or your staff members not working as hard as they should, it is time to do something to fix it. Here is a guide to productivity for Appraisers that will help get that mojo back.

Work smarter not harder

Learning to work smarter, not harder is one of the most important things to improve your productivity. Not only does it encourage you to combine tasks and streamline your daily processes, but it also increases your motivation.

Some simple ways to start doing this is by working in 90 to 120-minute blocks, measuring your results not the time taken to get them, establishing a closing routine at the end of the day and keeping your to-do list short but sweet.

Only put the most important tasks on there and ensure you work through them in order of the most important to the least.

Utilize technology

There are always new technological advancements that can help you with your appraisal duties, so ensure you keep an eye on and utilize those that can really make a difference.

You could use an iPad or tablet to sketch floor plans on properties where the official one isn’t available, see if a drone would be available to take images of properties in large open spaces, and use cloud-based file-sharing software to securely access work documents no matter where you are. Anow is a suite of tools built for appraisers by appraisers. Titan office is another popular resource used by appraisers as well.  

According to the 2019 Appraisal Income guide, those who excel at adopting new technologies earn over $44,000 more per year than those who don’t implement those tools into their work.

Always be open to learning more

Whether you have been in your appraiser job for a long time or are just starting out, it is always important to take the time to learn new skills.

No matter if it is a new technology program or software, something to brush up on your basic computer skills or a course in social or people skills if you are open to learning you will improve all the time. These newfound skills will give you a renewed sense of motivation and purpose, allowing you to do your job better, earn more money, and want to continue the cycle.

Think carefully about any skills you have been wanting to improve and find courses near you to do this. There are many you can do online from the comfort of your own home.

Utilize available tools

There are many appraisal software options out there that can help to improve your productivity at work. After all, as a real estate appraiser, you know that time is money so the less time spent on menial tasks the more you can make each month. By using Anow you can manage more orders, streamline every process, and build better reports. It is an innovative software that helps you to automate those tedious tasks, complete more orders, and get an idea of your performance.

No matter if you are a commercial, residential or solo appraiser it will be a great help to increasing your productivity.

Re-evaluate your time management

Many people are drawn to the appraisal profession as it is a flexible career opportunity which is great for fitting around your family and other commitments, yet this responsibility and the chance to set your own hours can see productivity dwindling if you don’t have a set plan.

To improve your time management skills plan ahead and set a time limit to do each task. Only check your emails at certain times and give yourself a deadline when you will close them and work on something else. It can be easy to leave your emails open all day which can distract you from the tasks at hand. You will likely spend a lot of your time driving between properties, so ensure you put this time into your schedule accordingly, allowing for traffic at certain times of the day.

Don’t be afraid to take a break

In a time when we can always tap into work – whether through our emails, phone calls, or cloud-based software – meaning it is more important than ever to remember to take some time off. Taking breaks allows you some time to reflect and recharge, ready to tackle the rest of the day ahead. It has been shown that this can also help you to process and retain information – your brain needs some time off to just wander. Breaks can also give you mini-deadlines to work to which make you more productive. If you know you need to finish a certain task off by your break time you are more inclined to work quickly and get it done, rather than work at a more leisurely pace. The same applies to vacations.

Don’t be afraid to take a couple of days off even if you don’t have a trip planned. Take time for yourself to focus on your wellbeing and you will find yourself returning to your work with a renewed sense of purpose and productivity.

These are just some of the top ways you can get your productivity levels back to normal if you are an appraiser. Be sure to apply these next time you find your motivation dwindling and you will soon find yourself back on track and more successful than ever.


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