How To Build A Client List As A Real Estate Appraiser

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Appraisal articles

The real estate industry is an ever-growing field that houses immense strength to stay affirm during uncertainties. The property values are always fluctuating with new innovations on the rise.
Building and growing an appraisal business makes for quite a lucrative idea for property enthusiasts. An appraiser enjoys unparalleled ownership, flexibility with their work schedules, and better management control over earning opportunities.
It’s easy to launch your business as an appraiser with the right business roadmap, licenses, and financial plan. But how well do you market the appraisal services of your firm?
Flourishing in the real-estate world requires one to be continually updated with changing trends and market demands. Getting your word out with the right appraisal marketing tactics is crucial.
If you are looking to ace your appraisal marketing, take a look at some of these tried and tested tricks!

Start Sending Introduction Letters To Potential Clients 📨

The most-effective introduction letters are the ones that are crisp and answer to a client’s immediate needs right away. Each client is different, and so should your approach be. A powerful and direct introductory email leaves a great first impression on potential clients. Did you know that welcome emails have an 82% open-rate? A statistic that high makes your introductory letters an efficient tool to market your appraisal services.

The idea here is to send out introduction emails that save on your precious time but are tailor-made to a client. How can you do that? By having ready-to-use email templates that can be tweaked to include information that appeals to particular clients. Reaching out to mid-sized accountants, legal firms, real estate offices or mortgage brokers in your area is an ideal way to kickstart your appraisal marketing.

Try to create subject lines and CTAs in your letters that grab the reader’s attention. For example: “Your one-stop solution for factual and authentic property valuations”. Be consistent with reaching out to clients.

Join Community Networks & Connect With Other Appraisers👥

The appraisal industry thrives on word-of-mouth and peer-to-peer (P2P) marketing, which makes extensive networking and relationship-building vital to growing an appraisal business.

Limiting your network within the four walls of your appraisal firm can impede the growth of your business. Consider joining organizations like the National Association of Appraisers (NAA) that can help you gain useful insights on the industry’s best practices, news, changing laws, and regulations. Such peer networks bloom on the community’s contribution.

Engaging with your fellow appraisers can open new business opportunities for you to dabble into. Look for any such three community networks to explore new avenues for appraisal marketing.

Additionally, you can look into connecting with appraisers around your vicinity – local and regional alike. Build a strong presence within your locale with your peer appraisers who can help you with grassroots experience and fluctuating real-estate trends.

Chamber of Commerce is another platform where you can find meetings to network with industry professionals like real estate agents, brokers, accountants, financial planners, and more.

Find Industry Experts To Help You Out ⭐️

If you are looking to market appraisal services, there is no better way but to learn how the industry mavens do it. Connecting with appraisal experts can help you learn tested tactics to grow your appraisal business. While there are quite a few famous names to engage with, insights from experts like Phil CrawfordDustin Harris, and Roy Meyer can be a game-changer for your appraisal firm.

Industry professionals are a great learning resource for appraisers to amp up their businesses.

As we mentioned before, the valuation industry is highly community-driven, which gives you an opportunity to establish credibility in the market. By sharing your expertise and knowledge, you can build authenticity and market value for growing your appraisal business.

Wrapping Up ✅

Establishing a profitable appraisal business takes time, effort, and consistency. To become a strong contender in a market that relies on trusted names for property appraisals, you can demonstrate your services with laser-sharp valuations and unwavering credibility. 

Adding new assignment types to your portfolio can further widen your pool of clients and give your business a much-needed boost. On the other hand, you can gain referrals from the appraisers’ community networks and associations. Strong networking and professional connections are non-negotiable ways of climbing up the industry and to emerge as a growing appraisal business.


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