May 2021 Anow Release Notes

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Release Notes

Always Improving For Our Customers

You’ll never be left in the dark wondering what’s been updated or released with Anow. We are constantly deploying new code to fix bugs and deliver new features to our users. That means we are continuously improving Anow Office and our Mobile App to better meet your needs.

June 1, 2021

Here is what we’ve released over the last month:

Features & Enhancements:
  • Updates to Client Hub & paid option for American and Canadian users.
  • Anow Credits are now available for purchase by all Anow users.
  • 🍏  iOS Mobile App Version 2.2.6
    • Separated the photo uploads to run alongside other network tasks which should result in snappier performance.
    • Fixed a bug where failed photo uploads were not retried.
    • Fixed a bug where the inspection screen remained disabled after creating an inspection on the device.
  • 🍏  iOS Mobile App Version 2.2.7
    • Fixed an issue where appointments and due dates were not sent to the device Calendar app.
    • Fixed an issue with local sketches being prompted and replaced by a remote sketch incorrectly.
  • Advanced User Fee Schedules
    • If you are a Grow or Accelerate user with access to Assignment Roles, these will now appear in each User Fee Schedule.
  • Nexus Report Precheck (VeroScore replacement)
    • The Nexus Report Precheck is an automated appraisal scoring tool that instantly identifies outstanding issues in appraisal reports with an overall score for your reports.
    • Please note that the cost for each report you precheck is 200 Anow Credits.
  • Minor fix for PDF Invoice generation – This should now be performing as expected.
  • A requested appointment will no longer move the order to “Scheduled” in the Anow Connect Client Portal.
  • Fix for Messages menu being hidden – This should now be performing as expected. 
  • Default Messages Channels are available to everyone.
  • Improvements to Messages user experience.
  • Final Report Delivery available for Integration orders directly within Anow.
  • Improved History for Integration orders.


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