News: Mercury Network order details seamlessly synchronize into Anow

by | Dec 12, 2017 | News & Press

Another news item?  You bet and we think this one is both a great new tool in Anow and a News Announcement.   If you get appraisal orders on the Mercury Network you will want to read below.  On the News front, this is yet more proof that we firmly believe that data integration across the various platforms is not only great productivity enhancements but just the right thing to do.    And, watch for more integrations into Anow this coming year!


Mercury Network order details seamlessly synchronize into Anow

Red Deer, Canada.  December 11, 2017.  Appraisers Now Ltd. (Anow) is pleased to announce they are now an integrated partner with Mercury Network, now part of CoreLogic, one of the industry’s largest order management platforms. For Anow, the vision of improving appraisal management for our customers means reducing duplicate data entry for appraisers and appraisal firms. As a significant source of new appraisals each month, Mercury Network is a key integration.

“Mercury Network’s technology is an industry standard used widely across our marketplace,”  says Anow CEO Marty Haldane. “Therefore we’re excited to partner with Mercury Network and announce a seamless integration between our systems.  This means appraisers and appraisal office managers alike will spend significantly less time duplicating data and can automate status updates between Anow and Mercury Network.

Anow is focused on increasing the appraiser’s efficiency by creating appraisal office management tools that offer the ability to share office and individual calendars, automate appraisal tasks and workflow, and improve appraisal job management.

“We know that appraisers are required to access many systems industry-wide and that rekeying data introduces possibility of errors. We are proud to integrate with Anow as their solution centralizes this management providing appraisers access to multiple systems all from one location”, said Jennifer Miller, President of Mercury Network, CoreLogic.

Going forward with the integration, Anow will continue to advance the appraisal data that syncs back to Mercury Network, enhancing the time saved by Anow customers updating order status.   Appraisers and appraisal management firms will seek Mercury Network as an order source due to the simplicity of status updates.


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