November 2021 Anow Release Notes

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Release Notes

Always Improving For Our Customers

You’ll never be left in the dark wondering what’s been updated or released with Anow. We are constantly deploying new code to fix bugs and deliver new features to our users. That means we are continuously improving Anow Office and our Mobile App to better meet your needs.

December 6th, 2021

Here is what we’ve released over the last month:

Features & Enhancements:
  • Final Report Upload and Workfiles are now separate sections on the order details page.
  • EAD/FHA hardstops now blocks submitting the final report.
  • Updated warning messages for Final Report Upload.
  • Implemented a fix for Weekly and Monthly emails – This is now behaving as expected.
  • Updated Contractor user view – Contractors should no longer see Trial details/information in the main navigation header. 
  • Other UWM Appraisal Direct Final Report Upload updates.


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