If you’re a seasoned appraiser functioning just north of the technological dark ages, we understand. New technology can be challenging, but it’s never too late to embrace change. ANOW appraisal software is more than just a trend to download to your iPad and iPhone. Technology improves business operations, increases cash flow, and performs critical tasks that help assistants and appraisers alike. Improve your appraisal business in 2017!

  • •Anow gives you fingertip access to appraisal information. Addresses, comparables, photographs and more. 
  • •Digital files release you from messy paper file dependency.
  • •Secure Cloud storage provides 24/7 document accessibility.
  • •Appraisal software brings it all together with access to everything you need wherever you go.

Why Change and Try ANOW?

We are excited about technology because we know what it can do. Even if you feel your appraisal business runs just fine on paper, pens, and post-its, it’s important to try our software and judge for yourself. In just 14 days, you’ll be just as excited as we are. You’ll understand how business tasks become much easier with ANOW Appraisal Software.

1. Organizing and Decluttering Appraisals

When paper-based information is the backbone of your business, valuable time is wasted handling, creating, and organizing documents. Local computer-based filing systems reduce the paper flow, but not by much.  

ANOW software organizes files, declutters your workspace, and stores files digitally until you need them. Retrieve comparables, photographs, client information, and anything else you need with a touch of a button. Every file is cloud-based and immediately accessible. 

2. Free up Time for Appraisers

In “Mobile Appraising and Workfiles,” Dustin Harris The Appraisal Coach describes how technology saves time. “Mobile is a far more efficient, smarter way to create your work files,” he explains. Harris credits appraisal software efficiency with saving 25 minutes per appraisal. He uses his found time to earn more money. 

3. Work Smarter With ANOW Cloud Access

ANOW appraisal software with cloud storage keeps you organized and productive no matter where you are. 

  • •Coordinates document organization
  • •Key information is at your fingertips
  • •Document back-ups are made regularly  
  • •Files securely stored online
  • •Access files from your desktop, iPhone, and iPad.

4. Improve your appraisal business and be More Client Friendly 

When clients call they want answers. If you’re out in the field and the information they need is in a file on your desk, you may be hooped. ANOW’s cloud-based system lets you access client information anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection. Clients like it when you call you back with the information they need within a few minutes.

5. Meeting Your Appraisal Deadlines

If you rely on a manual planner or post-it notes to remind you of upcoming deadlines, you already know there must be a better way. The calendar/due date feature is a major benefit for ANOW user, Jason Snider. It gives him “…confidence that files aren’t falling through the cracks and getting submitted on time.

6. Implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan

Cloud storage can be an important element of your business disaster recovery plan. If a fire destroys your office or a mishap ruins your computer hard drive, your files are still available. Additionally, they are only accessible to authorized users. Recovery Implementation plans include:

  • •Critical files safely stored off premises and online.
  • •Always available via your digital devices (except Android).

Now is the right time to change to ANOW

If you resolved to make 2017 the year you make a technological upgrade, there’s still plenty of time. ANOW offers a 14-day free trial that makes the transition easy and convenient. That’s time enough to test the benefits and Improve your appraisal business this year.

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