Spring Product Update: Introducing Anow Accelerate

by | May 22, 2020 | Product Updates


Marty here, CEO of Anow, and I wanted to take a few minutes to touch base with you. We’ve been busy this year listening to your feedback, shipping product improvements, releasing new features, and making our product work at scale for you. Plus, Anow is faster than ever!

We’ve accomplished so much and released game-changing technology ― thanks to our amazing developers who continue to build the features appraisers rely on, and also thanks to the thousands of Anow users who shared their feedback with us! Anow wouldn’t be what it is today without the amazing support of the appraisal industry. I’m really excited to introduce a new package of amazing features called Anow Accelerate for companies really wanting to grow and automate, plus other great features available to everyone today. 

When I look back over the last few months I’m so proud of the things we have achieved, and I want to share some of the major successes and updates with you. I think we could all use a reason to celebrate right about now! 🎉

There are 4 parts to the Accelerate bundle:

Finance and Reporting 

We now offer the ability to create custom reports, access detailed company insights, schedule custom reports to run daily/weekly/monthly, create automated fee schedules, and so many other features that simplify activities related to finances and accounting.

Improvements for Teams 

Staying connected as a team has become increasingly important in a world of working remotely, and this has never been easier than with Anow. We have created advanced smart-assigning of appraisers to orders, appraiser scorecards, goal setting to stay motivated. If you have multiple locations, you can now set up office profiles and members so you have teams in specific locations under 1 Anow account. Client scorecards are also available at your fingertips so you can choose which clients you would like to work with the most!

Quality Assurance 

Our Quality Assurance dashboard enables a brand new review process that includes a separate workflow for custom review types. Create your own custom review checklists with a side by side PDF  to Checklist reviewer view mode for a great way to stay organized when reviewing a report!

Powerful Ways of Showcasing Your Brand 

Taking in orders from customers has never been easier than it is with Anow Connect. You can now personalize your online ordering form and the free client portal with your company logo and other details. When using Anow Walkthrough, our homeowner inspection tool, you can customize what the homeowner sees on the header of the Walkthrough survey!

Plus, so much more! Here is a support article outlining everything inside of Accelerate.

More great features:

New Map View on Appraisal Dashboard

The new map view is an awesome update that has all your orders in a map view while still being able to access it in a list format. With a click of the toggle you can see geographically where each of your orders are, and you always have easy access to a quick view of all order details. And bonus – you never have to worry about having too many orders or slowing the map down. We’ve built this feature to be fast and reliable! Learn more here.

Quick View on Orders list & new order slide over panel! 

We get it! Sometimes you just need to reference something quickly without wanting to click into the order. Now, when you hover over an order on the appraisal dashboard, a new Quick View button appears. Clicking Quick View will reveal a new panel to the right of your screen with important order details, a simple map view, attachments, order messages and notes, and contact details. So much easier!

Leaving messages with requested appointment times

Trying to organize your busy schedule while waiting for homeowners to call you back to confirm appointments can be really difficult.  You want to maximize your schedule and driving routes, but you don’t know the best order to do these in. Inside of Anow you can now flag an appointment time as “requested” to block the time off in your calendar for you or your admin team to confirm it later so you can be as organized as ever.

If you have any questions or want to let us know about the features your team have been enjoying, just reply to this email or book a demo here.



Marty Haldane, CEO of Anow


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