The 3 C’s: connect, communicate, and consistency

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Efficiency

Having consistent communication between appraisers and to clients is critical in the success of a large firm. Creighton Cross, Owner and Chief Appraiser at Accurity – Braun & Associates, is faced with the daily task of overseeing collaboration and communication between 20 offices with 150 different appraisers nationwide. “Our office may have 150 appraisals come through the office every month, sometimes there’s more, sometimes there’s less… One thing that’s great about [Anow] is that we can keep that communication consistent,” Cross says.

From interoffice notes to final report updates, Anow appraisal management software provides the tools that owners, admins, appraisers, and clients need to make their lives simple. “This gives our admins what they need to answer questions when the clients call… [MailNOW], Connect, there’s a lot of just basic systems inside Anow that allow someone in my office to communicate with me in the field, at the same time communicating with our client, all with just the click of one button,” describes Cross. “The clients love it, our appraisers love it.”

If you want to hear more about this, and how you can have your whole office in the palm of your hand, click here.


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