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by | Feb 19, 2019 | News & Press

Anow says it handles more than 50,000 appraisals a month. The company has pioneered a digital platform meant to speed the process up and better inform clients.

BY JIM DALRYMPLE —  Marty Haldane had a good job appraising homes for his family’s business, but when the recession hit he started tinkering with technology.

“How do we help appraisers make more money and be more efficient?” Haldane recalled wondering.

Gradually, Haldane and a friend built a software application they hoped would streamline the process. That software led Haldane to form a company — which he described as “almost a hobby” at the time — in 2011. Then by 2013, that so-called “hobby” had raised $1.1 million in funding.

Anow is an appraisal management software developer that simplifies the way real estate appraisers manage their businesses. Launched in 2011 by multi-generational appraisal professional Marty Haldane, Anow streamlines a wide range of everyday appraisal processes while offering unmatched business insights to help appraisers compete in today’s digital environment. Powerful order tracking, job assignment, collaboration, and scheduling tools allow appraisers and administrative staff to save time, assign appraisals more easily and deliver exceptional service to clients and mortgage lenders from any web-enabled device. Advanced reporting enables business owners to manage fee competition and turn times with ease. Anow is headquartered in Red Deer, Alberta. For more information, visit

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