Top 5 Resources To Have In Your Appraiser Sales Kit

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Appraisal articles

One of the most efficient and easy ways to increase the bottom line of your appraisal business and to build meaningful relationships with new prospects is to have access to a sales tool kit 💼  that links to various smart resources and valuable information.

These include appraiser tools such as personalized sales presentations, client brochures, email-blasts, informational postcards, and more. A well-designed toolkit can be instrumental in offering your business valuation a targeted messaging, including an elevator pitch to explain to clients why they should hire you as an appraiser.

In this blog, we are going to explore some of the most essential elements of a sales tool kit that you can count on to build your appraisal business.

Sales Presentation

A basic sales presentation is an important part of an appraiser’s job. This is where a huge part of your work gets done. A well-made sales presentation of 10-15 slides gives you a chance to put all your cards on the table and easily demonstrate exactly why your service is perfect for the prospect.

Among some of the important elements that your sales presentation should have are –

  • A powerful cover slide
    • This should primarily talk about who you are, your stance, specific services you offer, along with your specialties. Do not forget to add statistical data and images to showcase your credibility and key clientele.
  • Value proposition
    • This part should summarize the value you can deliver to prospects, and explain in detail why they should hire your services.
  • A stellar story
    • The most successful appraiser presentations are about strong and powerful stories. Present your story in a way that humanizes your work and increases likeability. For instance, discuss and offer various examples of why customers in the area need to work with an appraiser.
  • Enticing solutions
    • This should include various work samples of both simple and complex appraisals that you’ve completed and show the clear differences between them.
  • Proofs
    • The proofs that you need to offer to your prospects should include the following –
      • a. Testimonials – Highlight the things or ideas that clients love about doing business with you. You can also use real client pictures here to enhance credibility and impact.
      • b. Offer comparison – Show your prospects how you’re better in terms of services as compared to your competitors.
      • c. Share research data – Use various expert quotes and findings that allow you to tie them to the benefits of the product/services you’re offering.
      • d. Offer extra benefits – To win your prospects, offer extra benefits to them in the form of either a free trial or a money-back guarantee.

Business Cards

As a professional appraiser, you must be working closely with several real estate firms, lenders, and local agencies. Networking in this role is quite important to get referrals, and a professionally designed business card can be a valuable aid in the process of networking.

A business card with a simple design and easy-to-read information will not only lend credibility but also help you bring in more prospects. It is one of the easiest and smartest ways of giving out contact information to the busy people who you’re working with every day.

Another good option that you have to improve your business card’s design is to use your photograph. It helps you to personalize your business cards in a way that will help your customers remember you and encourage them to come back to you whenever they need a new appraisal.

Establish A Strong Web Presence

Irrespective of where your leads come from, customers looking for an appraiser inevitably look for an online presence. Having a business website allows your customers as well as prospects to learn more about your appraisal business and the products or services you offer.

The website should be professionally designed with a contemporary look that serves as a hub for your online appraisal marketing efforts. Make sure to use a clean design and concise content to explain what you do, how you do it, and why people should work with you.

Some of the other effective ways to establish a strong online business presence include press releases and social media.

One-Page Brochure

To build an appraiser business, past customers are often the most reliable source of constant new business. Putting together a concise one-page brochure about your property appraisal business can be an excellent way to generate both return business and new prospects. The idea here is to highlight who you are and remind them of your name and value.

Make sure that your brochure includes relevant details including the name of your appraisal company, services offered, top clients, and your contact information. Adding a catchy slogan or jingle can be a great strategy too.

Leverage Technology

Growing appraisal firms, looking to simplify the way they run their business and earn more, need to make use of technology and tools that can help them manage their orders from one single place and offer outstanding customer service.

Anow Connect is one such platform that offers powerful appraiser tools to help you automate various tedious tasks, complete more orders, and get a clear picture of your appraisal company’s performance.

Another tool that you can use is the Anow Client Hub – which allows you to automate texts and email notifications to your clients whenever an appraiser appointment is scheduled. The tool also showcases how consistent the communication is, and how the prospects will always be kept in the loop on any upcoming appointments.

This removes the hassle of remembering every appointment for clients as they will be looped in by the automated notifications and reminders for every appointment scheduled. In addition to this, the tool also allows you to offer tips to your prospects to help them prepare for the inspection. 

In Conclusion 

Building a successful appraisal business requires a lot of hard work, smart marketing, and a well-designed sales toolkit.

With the above-mentioned tools in your appraisal marketing arsenal, you can ensure to develop a stellar brand that differentiates you from your competition and rewards you with a thriving business that you can be proud of.


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