Top Strategies for Independent Appraisers to Succeed in 2022 – Reduce Turn Times & Keep Up With Demand

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Appraisal articles

Managing a one-person appraisal shop can be overwhelming, since everything falls on you instead of being distributed amongst different team members. When you have access to the right tools you can begin to simplify processes, reduce order completion times, and increase the number of orders you’re able to take on as an independent appraiser.


Need to know how many appointments you have tomorrow? Wondering how many appraisals you currently have to review? Designed with real estate appraisers in mind, the Anow platform gives you the ability to answer these questions on the fly. You can easily see critical information and so much more in just seconds after logging into your account. Your time is incredibly valuable as a one-person appraisal shop and you’ll get a good chunk of that time back when you use Anow to simplify and streamline your business. 

I feel like Anow simplified a ton of processes for us. Just basically moving from paper to digital has been a major help for us and I think it’s saved hours every week, and we’re able to up our capacity for how many orders that we can handle. There’s nothing that gets lost in the process.

Brandi Dunagan

Colby Dunagan Appraisals

Instead of spending an hour every morning trying to sort out your priorities for the day, get an overview of your appraisal activities in seconds from the main dashboard in Anow. It’s difficult to remain focused on high-level goals when you’re overwhelmed with daily tasks and unable to get a bird’s eye view of your business.

Anow puts all of the important data you need to understand your priorities at your fingertips, so you’re not spending any time figuring out your schedule each day. You can focus on revenue-generating activities and growing your client list while Anow handles the mundane administrative tasks.

For example, Anow’s Custom Workflow tool allows you to define the steps for each activity in your end-to-end appraisal process and ensure that nothing critical gets accidentally overlooked. The workflow status for each order is displayed on your main dashboard, making it easier for you to identify the orders that need your attention at a glance. 

Other ways in which Anow can help you simplify your life include:

    • Provides a centralized platform to manage your entire appraisal business instead of multiple spreadsheets and workfiles. 
    • Allows you to add an online order form to your business website so clients can request appraisals that immediately appear in your inbox. 
    • Generates custom invoices and payment forms for every order in just one click. 


    Automation is key for every appraiser who runs their own business; especially if you don’t have an admin or assistant. Doing things manually and storing important information in physical paper folders will slow down your turnaround time significantly and keep your clients waiting. Not to mention it can get messy and confusing, fast. 

    Set up an automated order form on your business website so new and existing customers can make requests at any time, and they will automatically appear directly in your Anow account. That’s not even the best part – each time you update an order in Anow your customer immediately receives an automated email update. Anow Connect gives each of your clients a personalized portal where they can track orders, and it sends automated status updates straight to their inbox. Think about how much time you spend gathering important order details, communicating with your client, answering their questions, and notifying them of any major updates on their appraisal… Now imagine if all of that was 100% automated. This is the reality for appraisers using Anow Connect technology. 

    Phone calls and email updates are now a thing of the past; Connect enables solo appraisers to accept more orders and impress their customers with top of the line service. 


    Staying on top of your biggest clients, monitoring monthly revenue, and tracking which clients have outstanding orders is absolutely critical when it comes to running a profitable appraisal business. Anow enables solo appraisers to conduct business faster and smarter.

    Manage your orders, clients, fees, and more using powerful tools that eliminate administrative tasks, give you a clear picture of your appraisal business, and allow you to spend more time serving customers. 

    Anow comes complete with detailed analytics and business insights that can help you better understand your business. All of your appraisals stored in Anow are magically transformed into powerful financial reports that offer a clear overview of your residential appraisal company’s revenue, and outstanding collections. With Anow you can also generate and send branded invoices that include payment links so your clients can settle up with any major credit card. 

     Having easy access to these types of tools will cut down on the amount of time you spend on accounting and bookkeeping, allowing you to focus on working with the clients that bring you the most consistent revenue. 

    Take control of your appraisal business and achieve more each work day!

    New to Anow, or want to talk to an Anow Specialist about your appraisal business? Email to book a 1-on-1 demo and learn more. 


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