Aiding in the appraisal process is our number one job at Anow. We feel that with our software we have made huge strides in moving parts of the industry forward; one that for years has often been behind the times when it comes to adopting new technology. With that said, many of our users have praised some of the features of our software, telling us that it’s made a marked different in their performance and day-to- day work life. This is what we are always striving for – to streamline and improve the workdays of appraisers everywhere.

User-Friendly Software for Appraisers

Having taken a lot of feedback, we thought it would be best to discuss the top three benefits our program offers to appraisers. Each person’s day is a little different, but these benefits will serve any appraiser and work to make their day easier and more efficient. In an industry that’s always on the go, having something that will save time, money, and allow focus to be put on the right things makes an immeasurable difference. With that in mind, let’s discuss the top three benefits of Anow, as described by our users:

  1. Integrated Maps: the integrated maps function is something we’ve received a lot of feedback about and it’s all positive. Appraisers are on the road a lot, and sometimes getting from point A to point B in the most efficient manner can end up saving a tremendous amount of time and a lot of money. By being able to calculate drive time and distances, it will cut own significantly on travel expenses and save plenty of time when going from property to property. Not only that but the maps feature shows where appraisers are at all times, which can cut down on inefficiencies. The other important aspect of the maps feature is, in connection with the database, the ability to analyze geographic data and potentially spot missed opportunities within the local market. It will show where to expand and grow a business.
  2. Accessibility of Information: one of the major drags in being a business so paper-forward is that information resides in one place, or unfortunately, scattered over many places. One of the greatest benefits of the Anow software is the ability to access information wherever a wireless connection is available. This can be from the comfort of one’s home after work or on the road during an appraisal. Not having to carry around a tremendous amount of documents and being able to access pertinent information makes an appraiser significantly more agile and effective in their job. It’s a simple piece, but one that’s hugely important to getting the job done correctly and efficiently.
  3. Appraisal Database: within the software is the appraisal database that holds all important information as it relates to properties that have been appraised. This may mean something as simple as “don’t let the dog out” or as important as comps that are necessary to perform the job. Being able to add a new appraisal to the database in 30 seconds means that time can be spent doing things that will help to profit the business and not spending time on paperwork and menial tasks.

Top Three Benefits of Appraisal Technology

These three benefits are all about helping the modern appraiser become more agile and more efficient in their day-to- day work life. Some of these features may seem simple, but having them on hand will only serve to benefit the appraiser. Not only to they work to create a more paperless world, but they also serve to save money and time. Any feature that works diligently to save money and time can be a huge boon to any business. A business as hectic as appraising can only be helped by a streamlined business model, and that’s what we’re here to do.


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