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by | May 4, 2019 | Efficiency

“You just boosted Anow to the absolute best product I have ever used in my life. Even beating out my Keurig ;)” – Gina Reynolds

Spending too much of your time and money on office administration work can slow down turn around times and decrease your overall revenue. Anow appraisal software is packed with features that simplify a number of mundane admin tasks like keeping track of notes, updating clients on the status of their orders, receivables and invoicing management, and organizing inspection dates. With Anow these tasks are user-friendly, automated processes, and every appraiser using Anow can save themselves from 5 hours of administrative work each week! If this sounds too good to be true, just take a look at Gina Reynolds who runs GR Accurate Appraisals Inc., and Amanda Smith at Pemberley Appraisal – independent appraisers who have seen real life results with Anow.


Both Reynolds and Smith were in desperate need of an appraisal office management tool that would help them streamline daily tasks while also reducing the number of administrative hours required to produce an appraisal. Since making the move to Anow, Smith eliminates at least an hour of administrative work from each workday, freeing her up to do more appraisals and generate more revenue. For Reynolds, Anow has become “the absolute best product” she has ever used in her life, even taking the top spot over her beloved Keurig!


Interested in reading more about Smith’s experience with Anow?

Anow quickly proved transformative to Smith’s one-woman business by simplifying several aspects of its daily operations.Click here to download her full story ⟶


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