What can you do with ANOW and why should you try?

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Software

Imagine what it’s like to have your entire appraisal firm at your fingertips. With ANOW, your imagination can become your reality.


ANOW’s cloud-based appraisal management system lets you move beyond spreadsheets and complicated job logs, and helps you make better decisions, get paid faster, and saves you time. ANOW lets you focus on the most important part of your business: appraising.

Book a demo with ANOW or start a free 14-day trial today! The big firms use complete appraisal management systems, why shouldn’t you?

What does ANOW do and how will it help my business?

ANOW organizes your entire business onto a single, easy-to-use platform. Manage appraisal assignments, documents, invoices, schedules, comparables, clients, and more from your laptop, tablet, or phone. Appraisers spend much of their time in the field, and with ANOW you have the ability to manage your entire business from anywhere you have an internet connection.


ANOW houses a searchable database of all your past, present, and upcoming appraisals. You can attach all relevant documents and photos to each appraisal, and access them quickly and easily. Never again struggle to find an old assignment, contract, or report.


ANOW tracks all your firm’s appraisal assignments. You can assign or re-assign appraisals with ease, see the status of every active assignment, and receive notifications when your appraisers set appointments or complete reports. ANOW will even notify you when assignments are late. All your appraisers can work off a shared calendar that lets you assess appraiser workload, check availability, and quickly re-assign work when necessary. Track where your appraisers are by viewing their appointments and receiving automatic updates on their progress.


ANOW stores your comparables in one place, and allows you to copy and paste key information and photos directly into an appraisal report. Lose your clunky comparables spreadsheet and let your appraisers access all your comparables from a single, easy-to-search database.


ANOW keeps your clients in one place. Search, update, or share client information, and keep specific client requirements in one place for all your appraisers to access as part of their assignment.


ANOW reduces errors by validating addresses, calculating drive times, and keeping legal information and special instructions attached and up front on all your appraisal assignments. Never again have your appraiser miss the note about not letting the cat out.


ANOW allows your firm to accept new appraisal assignments online. The ANOW system makes things easy for potential clients by generating online order forms with your firm’s branding and logo. Clients often turn to the big firms because they need work assigned and completed as soon as possible. Compete with the big guys by adding ANOW’s simple “Order Now!” link to your website.


ANOW generates reports and insights so you can identify assignment trends, make comparisons over time, and reel in repeat customers. You can track appraiser turnaround times and discover recurring late completions or payments, and ANOW will email you weekly and monthly snapshots of your business, identifying overdue assignments, payments, and general trends.


ANOW manages your payments, by tracking unpaid or overdue payments, and by instantly generating professional invoices with your firm’s brand and logo. Keep things consistent and professional. We all know properly invoiced assignments get paid faster.


ANOW offers live chat, phone, and email support, and has online resources and videos to help you get started and use ANOW to its full potential.


ANOW is secure. All data is stored with 256-bit security protocols. Never lose files, photos, or data again thanks to automatic backups of your entire company profile.


Call now to book a demo, (or book online) and let us show you how ANOW helps appraisers build a better business.


Already convinced? Start your free 14-day trial today at www.anow.com. There is no commitment and no credit card required.


The appraisal business is changing, are you?

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