What’s Changing in Anow

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Product Updates

Take your team management to the next level with updated appraiser assignments and workflow controls, and so much more! 
At Anow we aim to constantly improve your experience on our platform. We have a few new additions to help simplify your life as an appraiser.

The Old

All of the changes are related to how appraisers are assigned to orders. You can see the minot design changes on the order details page. If you have an Essentials Anow plan (a standard plan), not much will change for you. Below is what you are familiar with. 

The New

Majority of the upgrades are for companies on Grow and Accelerate plans. If you have an Essentials plan, below is what the new view looks like and the minor visual changes are highlighted.
There is one major improvement, and it is focused around giving you more control over how work is assigned to your team. This improvement is connected to the following areas:
For more details, please see the improvements below that apply to your business.


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